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Bill Clinton: “Montenegro is a success story”

Bill Clinton: “Montenegro is a success story”
Published date 22.05.2011 18:03 | Author Bureau

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• PM Lukšić meets former US President Clinton in his first visit to Montenegro

• Clinton: Montenegro is a “success story,” “on the right track,” an incentive to the region

• Clinton Global Initiative willing to help Montenegro in attracting FDI

Budva, Montenegro (22 May 2011) – Prime Minister Igor Lukšić met Bill Clinton, 42nd US President and founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation in his first visit to Montenegro where he was a keynote speaker at the Inaugural Conference Balkan Networking for Social Empowerment of South-Eastern Europe organised by the Atlas Foundation and the Government of Montenegro.

Prime Minister Lukšić and former President Clinton discussed current economic and political situation in Montenegro and foreign policy priorities. Prime Minister Lukšić focused on the consistency in Government’s approach to meeting foreign policy goals and undertaking comprehensive reforms. He stressed that Montenegro’s goal is to reach, through good-neighbourly cooperation, the standards shared by prosperous democracies. “Montenegro is internationally recognised as a reliable and constructive partner,” said Prime Minister Lukšić adding that “Montenegro is dedicated, as an EU-candidate country, to meeting the seven key criteria for the opening of accession negotiation.” He concluded his remarks on foreign policy voicing Montenegro’s unreserved commitment to NATO membership: “Membership of the North-Atlantic alliance is also our clear perspective.”

Former US President Clinton said it gives him great pleasure to stay in Montenegro, in his words a country of great potential and natural beauty. He congratulated Prime Minister Lukšić on Montenegro’s receiving the EU candidate status, as well as on its celebrating five years since restoring independence. “Montenegro is a success story and is on the right track to achieving set goals,” said Mr Clinton.

Mr Clinton said he has no doubts as to Montenegro’s success in all areas, underlining that Montenegro’s progress should serve as an incentive for the region as a whole. He affirmed his support to Montenegro’s efforts by saying that he would be very glad to pledge his wholehearted support to Montenegro, a country of great potential, in its efforts to attract foreign direct investment.

Towards the end of the meeting, President Clinton invited Prime Minister Lukšić to be a guest of the Clinton Global Initiative ahead of the General Assembly annual session in New York.