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NATO Membership Council’s Communication Team: 46% of citizens support Montenegro's accession to NATO

Published date 29.03.2014 16:39 | Author PR Bureau

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Podgorica, Montenegro (29 March 2014) – Based on a survey conducted by the Ipsos agency in the period 4 – 9 March 2014, 46% of adult citizens of Montenegro supports Montenegro's accession to the NATO, Montenegro’s NATO Membership Council’s Communication Team stated Friday in its press release.

If the referendum on Montenegro’s membership in NATO was held in the period 4 – 9 March 2014, the survey demonstrates, 46% of citizens would say “yes” and 42% of citizens would say “no” to the integration process. The remaining 13% are people who would not vote in the referendum or who do not know which option to choose.

The survey was conducted on the representative sample of 1236 respondents, using face-to-face interviewing technique.

Since November 2013, the support for Montenegro’s Euro-Atlantic accession has increased from 38% to 46% of the adult population.

The presented data are the best indicator of the correctness of informing citizens through public dialogue, as well as of a stable and steady growth in public support for joining NATO, the Communication Team's press release concludes.