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Science Minister Sanja Vlahović denies plagiarism claims

Science Minister Sanja Vlahović denies plagiarism claims
Published date 18.09.2014 15:02 | Author PR Bureau

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Podgorica, Montenegro (18 September 2014) -- All my scientific papers had undergone strict controls and that issue is not and should not be on the agenda, Montenegro’s Science Minister Sanja Vlahović told the press commenting on media reports on her plagiarising parts of a dissertation. She explained that the papers which tend to be set out in an international context for a period of time and which are used in the process of academic selection must undergo six or seven controls.

Montenegro’s daily Vijesti has reported that Minister Vlahović copied two-thirds of the paper entitled "Destinations Competitiveness in Modern Tourism" that supported her election as professor at the private Mediterranean University. Furthermore, according to Vijesti, the paper, supposedly having been published in the Emerald Publishing Group's International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, cannot be found.

Minister Vlahović also did not agree with the manner in which certain themes are being inflated by the media.

"Creating a scandal or unscrupulous attacks on someone’s personality and indirectly on their family, colleagues, institutions with whom they cooperate, is not the way to deal with issues in focus," she underlined. Especially not, as Ms Vlahović added, when it is about a former dean of a scientific institution, a person who has had nearly 20 years of academic career and an "unblemished teaching career at the State University and," she stated.

According to Minister Vlahović, the issues that bother a certain segment of the system should be resolved systematically, rather than abusing a political figure, his/her reputation, affirmation, family, friends and institutions.

She concluded by saying that in that regard she has no problems with anything she has ever done in her life.

" I stand firmly in my moral identity and I will certainly continue performing my duties professionally, clean and committed to what should be significant for the country", Montenegro’s Science Minister stressed.