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Ask the Government

                               Ask the Government

Montenegro's Cabinet Session

Published date 19.01.2017 18:48 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (19 January 2017) -- The Government of Montenegro approved the Operational Plan for Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro for 2017 at today's session, chaired by Prime Minister Duško Marković. As the main IDF task for the next year, the plan envisages to place funds in total amount of 120 million Eur for the implementation of 33 credit lines which will, first of all, focus on increasing the number of employees, as well as the preservation of existing jobs. To this end, it was designed the model to support specific target groups, such as young people, beginners, women, university graduates, farmers, redundancies, with very favorable credit conditions. The Investment and Development Fund will offer to the customers a credit lines for: development of entrepreneurship; support to existing micro, small and medium-sized enterprises; support to enterprises to maintain or improve liquidity; enhancing competitiveness of Montenegrin products and services in other markets; implementation of „green field“ investments; support for infrastructure projects, projects of environmental, state and local importance, as well as projects in the field of energy and energy efficiency. It was emphasised in the discussion that the Operational Plan fully complies with the economic policy of the Government and reform activities aimed at stronger economic development and provision of conditions for increasing the living standards of the citizens of Montenegro.

The Government considered and adopted the Forth semi-annual report on implementation of the Action Plan for Negotiation Chapter 23 – Judiciary and Fundamental Rigths, with the  First semi-annual report on implementation of the Operational document for the prevention of corruption in the areas of particular risk, as well as the Forth semi-annual report on implementation of the Action Plan for Chapter 24 – Justice, Freedom and Security for June – December 2016. Commenting on the reports, the Prime Minister stressed that the European agenda is not only an obligation towards the EU, but also the priority of national policy, and each fulfilled obligation represents a new value in the country. He said that we should strive not only to open chapters, but also to fulfill the program objectives, which should lead to the changes in society.

In accordance with an extended challenges of the negotiation process with the European Union, as well as need for adequate monitoring of obligations under Chapters 23 and 24 and their better realisation, the Government adopted the Decision on amendments to the Decision on the Council for the rule of law.

The Government adopted the Sixth national report on the implementation of the Revised European Social Charter for 2016. It was noted in the discussion that the regular fulfillment of the obligations on the implementation of this international agreement is a kind of preparation of Montenegro for the obligations, that the country will have to meet after joining the European Union. The inclusion of the Charter's principles in the internal legal order shows that Montenegro is ready to become a part of democratic societies that strive to build the rule of law and non-selective protection of the full range.

In the context of harmonisation of national legislation with the EU Acquis, the Government adopted Draft Law on health inspection. Among other things, the proposed document creates the conditions for the implementation of inspection in the area of taking and transplanting human tissues, cells and organs, as well as the provision of blood, that were not regulated by the applicable law, so it prescribes the health inspector's authority.

Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs submitted a verbal information about the schedule of works on the Bar-Boljare motorway. The Minister pointed out that the dynamics which will give the visible results were agreed in talks between the representatives of the Contractor and the relevant Government bodies. He added that the requirements for issuing the necessary permits are being resolved promptly, thus creating conditions for the intensification of the entire route.

In the context of human resources issues, the Government amended the composition of the Privatisation and Capital Investment Council. Zoran Pažin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, and Vladimir Beratović, Adviser on foreign investments to the Prime Minister, are appointed for the members of the Council.

Government delegation to attend the anniversary of the train accident in Bioče is determined at the Cabinet's session. The delegation would consist of ministers of transport and maritime affairs, economy and the interior.