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Response to statement by Spokesperson of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Published date 22.02.2017 18:55 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (22 February 2017) -- Statement by Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is another attempt by the Russian officials to respond with no arguments to our information about the official Moscow's continuous interference in the internal affairs of Montenegro. This was particularly demonstrated ahead of the parliamentary elections of 16 October and there is no need to prove the indisputable fact. At the same time, representatives of the Montenegrin opposition have been hosted by the Russian senior officials in Moscow, and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia has supported their idea of organising an anti-constitutional referendum on Montenegro's membership in NATO. 

Does it mean that, by doing this, Russia interferes in the internal affairs of a sovereign state? 

When the Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs speaks about the interests of the people of Montenegro – does it mean interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state? 

Finally, the extensive prosecutorial investigation on a terrorist act of 16 October has led to the identification of two Russian citizens. Is it the only acceptable solution for Moscow to keep Montenegro quiet about this matter, or would it be logical that the official Russian authorities cooperate in the investigation in the spirit of “centuries-long tradition of close Montenegro-Russia contacts,“ to which the Spokesperson is rightly referring to, in order to reveal the whole truth about the case?

The Government of Montenegro has so far refrained from the official comments regarding the deteriorating relations with Russia. We do not want to solve the problems at the press-conferences, or in the media. We are willing to discuss all the issues that burden our relations with the official Moscow on the basis of arguments and good will in order to overcome misunderstandings, but also to respect the right of every sovereign state to choose its own path and foreign policy orientation. Instead of the dialogue, we have been continuously instructed by the official Moscow on what is in the interest of Montenegro and its citizens. This way, the relations between Montenegro and Russia are threatened with serious deterioration. Therefore, we call on the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be patient and not to make unfounded allegations.