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Montenegro and Serbia set to boost cooperation in tourism

Montenegro and Serbia set to boost cooperation in tourism
Published date 23.02.2017 19:41 | Author PR Service

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PR ServiceBelgrade, Serbia (23 February 2017) -- Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulović participated in the opening of the 39th Belgrade Tourism Fair, with Montenegro as a partner country.

Minister Radulović voiced satisfaction with the cooperation with Serbia in the field of tourism and the fact that for the first time in recent history Montenegro is a partner country at the Tourism Fair. He noted that by linking offers the region gets a great chance to win new, distant markets and increase the number of tourists and annual tourism revenue.

Serbian Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications and Deputy Prime Minister Rasim Ljajić expressed his satisfaction with the growth of the tourism sector in Serbia over the last few years and much better regional cooperation in order to attract tourists from new markets.

Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić said that only a specific regional cooperation can lead to the increase in the number of tourists and visibility of the region.

During the first day of the fair, ministers Radulović and Ljajić signed a new memorandum of understanding in the field of tourism between Montenegro and Serbia.
By signing the memorandum, Serbia and Montenegro tend to promote the approach, which, through the concept of regional cooperation, ensures the implementation of the development goals at national levels, thus contributing to the prosperity of the region.

Memorandum creates the preconditions for achieving the synergy of diversity of tourism products of Serbia and Montenegro, that is, for launching projects whose implementation will enable the linking of not only the institutions dealing with tourism, but also those whose activities are indirectly connected with tourism, thereby creating wider bases for intensive socio-economic development.

In that regard, the Government fully supports the development ideas relating to the cooperation with Serbia, primarily due to the fact that only joint efforts can contribute to progress in the region as a whole.