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Brussels: MEPs commend Montenegro's efforts in pursuing EU path

Brussels: MEPs commend Montenegro
Published date 27.02.2017 20:20 | Author PR Service

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Brussels, Belgium (27 February 2017) – The EU enlargement policy is a cornerstone of political stability, security, economic and democratic development of the Western Balkans, Minister of Foreign Affairs Srđan Daramanović stressed in his address to the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs. 

The European vision of Montenegro is confirmed by the recently conducted opinion poll pointing out that the majority of citizens support Montenegro's EU accession process, Minister Darmanović emphasised. „Our citizens understand that the European agenda goes beyond the country's foreign policy goals. The reform within the EU accession process is priority of our national policy, thus creating a new value with every requirement Montenegro meets in pursuing that path, “he pointed out.

Minister Darmanović thanked European Parliament's MPs for the continuing support to Montenegro's European path, voicing the Government's strong commitment to pursuing the European and Euro-Atlantic agenda in order to improve the quality of life of citizens and boost economic growth. 

The meeting also discussed the latest information regarding the coup attempt on October 16, with a particular emphasis on the trial which will clarify the details of this plan aimed at destabilising the country.

MEP's commended Montenegro's commitment to pursuing the EU membership, emphasising the country's efforts in achieving the high level of compliance with the EU's Foreign and Security Policy.