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Prime Minister Marković highly rates dynamics and quality of work on priority sections of Motorway

Prime Minister Marković highly rates dynamics and quality of work on priority sections of Motorway
Published date 04.03.2017 15:42 | Author PR Service

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Služba za odnose s javnošćuSlužba za odnose s javnošću
Podgorica, Montenegro (4 March 2017) -- During today's visit to the site of the Klopot tunnel on the priority sections of the Motorway, Prime Minister Duško Marković pointed out that he was directly convinced that the work on this demanding section is very intense, that it is conducted according to the highest standards and high quality dynamics, and that over a 24 km route is being intensively constructed at more than half the section.

"I am not only satisfied, I am impressed," Prime Minister Marković said.

"Our Audit Commission is intensively working and soon will be able to respond to the demands of contractors, and I believe that everything is going according to plan. I believe that the investment in this project, which is the most important and the largest one in the history of Montenegro, will be implemented in line with our expectations and obligations under the Agreement. It will be extremely important for Montenegro, for its development and for improving the quality of life of its citizens," the Prime Minister said.

Speaking about the number of engaged workers and Montenegrin companies, the Prime Minister said that all elements of the Agreement are executed in a proper manner. The Ministry of Transport has issued 61 consent for the introduction of 73 domestic companies. 226 to 230 Montenegrin citizens were engaged in January, which is in accordance with the contractual obligation of 30 percent, the Prime Minister noted.

He expressed the hope that all resources provided by the Capital Budget for construction of priority sections of the Motorway will be withdrawn this year.

"This year, I want all the 194, 3 million Euros we have set aside by the Capital Budget for construction of the Motorway, to be spent. It is our goal ... Contractor and we, as investors, have an intention to engage more than 200 - 300 million Euros this year, which guarantees that the work will be carried out in best possible dynamics," the Prime Minister stressed.

He noted that cooperation, both between relevant institutions and government bodies involved in the project, as well as with contractors, works very well. The expert teams jointly collaborate and provide quick answers to the challenges. The Prime Minister reminded that 9 permits were issued so far, and all the requirements from a total of 19 subsections are in a phase of final treatment. He expressed his belief that the biggest part of that work will be completed by the end of March.

Commenting on the loan agreement in dollars, Prime Minister Marković said that there is no need to fear before the time: "It may be that this will be in our favor at one point, and not at the expense of the Government ... In any case, the Ministry of Finance carefully monitors this segment and we will have a valid answer in this respect, if necessary."

When it comes to a land acquisition, the Prime Minister made it clear that problems relating to expropriation compensation purposes might encounter on such a large construction site. The expropriation compensation is done in accordance with the law and no citizen will be left without being compensated and will get fair compensation for land he releases, he said.

Prime Minister Marković expressed his satisfaction with what he was convinced on the construction site and the information he received from the responsible engineers, noting that the CRBC is a serious global company, which was presented to Montenegro in the best possible way.

"As soon as we finish the priority section, our interest is to move on to the section Andrijevica-Boljare, while talking with the Serbian Government on the issue of their moving towards our border," the Prime Minister concluded.