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                               Ask the Government

Montenegro's Cabinet session

Published date 10.03.2017 20:11 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (10 March 2017) -- Within the process of harmonisation with European legislation, the Montenegrin Cabinet passed the Draft Law on Electronic Identification and Electronic Signature. The law aims to increase confidence in electronic transactions by planning a safe and reliable legal framework, rapid progress in key areas of the digital economy and the promotion of a single digital market by facilitating cross-border use of online services.

Cabinet also passed the Draft Law Amending the Law on Free Access to Information. Proposed solutions enable citizens, companies and NGOs to have access to information which are factually held by the authorities, but the existing legal solution does not allow them to use the information for commercial or non-commercial purposes. This way, information that the product of the work of the authorities will be available to users for further use in commercial, scientific, educational and other purposes.

Today’s session passed the Draft Law on Illegal Advertising. The main reasons for passing this law is the harmonisation of national legislation with the that of the European Union, greater protection of traders from unfair competition in the market, while, at the same time, consumers gain a greater degree of safety when buying goods and services offered through advertising.

Within the framework of the policy of support to business development, the Government approved the Information on the credit arrangement of the Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro with the European Investment Bank and approved the contract on loan arrangement amounting to EUR 100 million for financing small and medium enterprises and priority projects. The debate was reiterated commitment of the Government to stimulating job creation and making use of the resources.

According to the Law on Budget of Montenegro for 2017, the Government adopted information on long-term borrowing in order to provide part of the missing funds to finance the budget for 2017. The Government gave approval to the loan agreement with the Commercial Bank of Budva totalling EUR 5 million, and loan agreement with Podgorica-based NLB Bank from Podgorica amounting to EUR to 15 million.

The Government considered several proposals for initiating proceedings to review the constitutionality of Article 176 b of the Law on Social and Child Welfare, referring to compensation on the basis of the birth of three or more children, and concluded to forward to the Constitutional Court the opinions of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare implying that the disputed provision is not inconsistent with the Constitution, proposing that the Constitutional Court should pass the decision rejecting the submitted initiatives.