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                               Ask the Government

Montenegro's Cabinet Session

Published date 16.03.2017 19:34 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (16 March 2017) -- At today's session, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Milutin Simović, the Government of Montenegro adopted Draft Law on amendments to the Law on Health Issuance, which stipulates full coverage of persons who should have the status of insured. In order to comply with this Act, Draft Law on amendments to the Law on contributions for compulsory social insurance was determined as well.

Draft Law on amendments to the Law on Expropriation was also determined at today’s session. Reasons for the amendments to this Law are contained in the need to harmonise its provisions with the new Law on Administrative Procedure, as well as the need to rectify certain deficiencies and barriers to business, observed so far in applying the applicable Law.

Within harmonisation of the legal framework in the domestic legal system, the Government adopted Draft Law on amendments to the Law on explosive substances. This document defines some provisions more precisely and more clearly, thus ensuring their effective implementation in practice.

The Government adopted Regulation an amendments to the Regulation on the Secretariat-General of the Government, as well as Regulation on amendments to the Regulation on the criteria for internal organisation and systematisation of jobs in the state administration. The amendments created conditions to transfer jobs within the jurisdiction of the Secretariat-General to the jurisdiction of relevant ministries.

Regulation of Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Montenegro, which defines the scope, organisation of activities and other issues relevant to the work of Cabinet, was adopted, as well.

The Government postponed deciding on Proposal for a Regulation on amendments to the Regulation on the organisation and functioning of public administration, in order to further harmonise certain provisions.

The Government also adopted Decision to restrict the export of certain wood assortments, prohibiting export from the state forests, while export from private forests is available with previously issued documentation. Facing the excessive export of wood assortments, the Government stopped this phenomenon late last year by coordinated action with the more relevant institutions. Adoption of the Decision provides a systematic response to the problem which has produced significant social and economic consequences in Montenegro.

According to the Law on Budget of Montenegro for 2017, the Government adopted Information on long-term borrowing in order to provide part of the missing funds to finance Budget for 2017, as well as Proposal of the Loan Agreement between the Government of Montenegro – Ministry of Finances and Prva Banka Crne Gore – Podgorica, in the amount of 15 million Euros.

The Government of Montenegro adopted Report on condition of the Army of Montenegro for 2016. When presenting the Report, it was pointed out that operational capacities building, implementation of modern standards and participation in international peacekeeping operations have been the main priorities of the Army in the year when the Army of Montenegro celebrated ten years since the formation. In this manner, members of the Army contributed to achieving the strategic goals of Montenegro – integration into European and Euro-Atlantic organisations.

Report on the implementation of the National Programme for the Development of Sports in Montenegro for 2016 was also adopted.  In order to develop the new National Programme, and bearing in mind that special attention will be paid to school sports and school sports infrastructure along with professional sport, Ministry of Sports has begun a tour of elementary and high schools in order to observe the condition of sports infrastructure and proposals for the improvement of school sports. Also, the Ministry of Sports has established cooperation with the local governments in order to collect the necessary data to create a plan of rehabilitation and construction of sports infrastructure in Montenegro. One of the themes of cooperation with the local governments will be development of local strategies in the field of sports, which will be coordinated with the National Programme. Special attention will be paid to increasing the participation in sports activities of persons with disabilities.

As part of the regular reporting on the dynamics of work on the priority section of the Motorway, Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Osman Nurković submitted verbal information on the transfer of right to dispose of immovable property on which the municipalities perform property rights to the state of Montenegro.