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Washington: Strong US support and commitment to Montenegro

Washington: Strong US support and commitment to Montenegro
Published date 21.03.2017 11:10 | Author PR Service

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USA, Washington (21 March 2017) -- At the beginning of his working visit, Minister of Foreign Affairs Srđan Darmanović met with Andrea Thompson, National Security Adviser to Vice President Mike Pence.

Thompson pointed to a strong US support and commitment to Montenegro, and expressed belief that the US Senate will ratify the Accession Protocol soon.

Minister Darmanović thanked the United States for the partnership relations during the entire process of Euro-Atlantic integration. He recalled the previous ratification process in other NATO member-States, which occurs in accordance with the planned schedule.

It was noted at a meeting that Montenegro represents a positive example in the Western Balkans and that the membership in the Alliance will contribute to the regional security and stability. The officials exchanged views on the situation in the region, adding that further active engagement and sustained attention of the United States and the EU to the Western Balkans are essential.

Minister Darmanović had a meeting with Senator Chris Murphy, who briefed the Minister about planned joint activities of senators with the aim to complete the ratification process in the US Senate as soon as possible. Senator Murphy emphasised that Montenegro's membership in NATO is very important for preserving stability of the region as a whole.

Minister Darmanović reiterated the significance of unquestioned bipartisan support of the Congress for NATO enlargement policy, which will be re-confirmed by the Montenegro-NATO Accession Protocol.

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