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PM Marković: We were having no doubts about US support for Montenegro's accession to NATO

PM Marković: We were having no doubts about US support for Montenegro
Published date 29.03.2017 13:35 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (29 March 2017) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković said earlier today in the Parliament that Montenegro was having no doubts about the support of the United States, the country's strategic partner and ally on its path towards NATO.

"US Senate ratified Tuesday, let me say, OUR PROTOCOL with the vast majority of votes. We were having no doubts about whether our strategic partner and ally will support Montenegro’s accession to the Alliance. These dilemmas were artificially created for well-known reasons, but we were not nervous about that. 

All this speaks in favour of the overall assessment that the ratification procedure will have been completed by the NATO Summit in Brussels. Such developments are clearly and unequivocally supported by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. Montenegro's membership in NATO will be the greatest foreign policy success of our country since the restoration of independence and an accomplishment of one of the main strategic objectives. Our institutions, that have been committed to reforms and fulfilling requirements, as well as our diplomatic and consular network, and our Euro-Atlantic allies and partners, deserve credit for the achievement of this goal," Prime Minister Duško Marković emphasised.

He added that the ratification in the US Senate is regarded as an acknowledgement of our path and the reforms implemented.

"This is a recognition for Montenegro and a historical step forward. We had no dilemmas about whether this will happen or not, but only when this will happen," the Prime Minister underscored, adding that there is no doubt that Montenegro will participate in the NATO Summit as a member-state.