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Brussels: Montenegro's commitment to cooperation with European Economic and Social Committee

Brussels: Montenegro
Published date 30.03.2017 11:46 | Author PR Service

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Brussels, Belgium (30 March 2017) -- Minister of European Affairs Aleksandar Andrija Pejović met with the officials of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels today. The officials noted that Montenegro is a good example of intensive and comprehensive cooperation between the government and civil society in the interest of better and more dynamic process of EU accession.

Minister Pejović met with Co-Chairman of the EU-Montenegro Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) Violeta Jelić and Head of the Unit for External Relations of the Secretariat General of the EESC Beatriz Porres.

The Montenegrin Government stands firmly behind its commitment to lead the negotiation process with the EU in a transparent and responsible manner, with a high degree of participation of civil society, as well as the social partners. It is my pleasure that the synergy of civil and public sectors we have achieved in Montenegro is welcomed by our European partners today and is recommended as a good negotiating model for other countries in the region,“ Minister Pejović noted. The Minister recalled that the civil society representatives comprise about one third of the state negotiating structure, including a number of heads of the negotiating teams. He stressed that civil society representatives give immeasurable contribution to the negotiating process and Montenegro’s European path, both in the negotiating team and in the Joint Consultative Committee.

Co-Chairman of the JJC Violeta Jelić pointed to the good cooperation with Montenegro, which is a good basis for the organisation of two upcoming meetings of the Committee during 2017. In particular, she expressed satisfaction with the commitment of the Ministry of European Affairs to cooperate with the EESC, and offered Montenegro an expert support in the part of economic and social chapters.

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