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Ministry of Justice: Response to claims made by DF's Andrija Mandić regarding Interpol international arrest warrant against Saša Sinđelić

Published date 11.04.2017 12:00 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (11 April 2017) – Andrija Mandić from DF party presented a series of incorrect claims in a programme piece entitled “Replika” broadcasted on the Radio and Television of Montenegro on Monday, 10 April. In addition to accusing Minister of Justice and Chief Special Prosecutor to be “alleged members of the criminal organisation”, Mr Mandić stated many false claims such as the one that Minister of Justice Pažin “hid Interpol Red Notice against Saša Sinđelić”. These claims are showing either elementary ignorance regarding the purpose of the international Interpol warrant and who is supposed to act upon it, or a clear intention of Mr Mandić to give false information to the public in order to provide the most favourable position as a defendant in a criminal proceeding conducted against him. 

The fact that the Interpol issued this warrant points out that the warrant is placed in the central database of Interpol (INTERPOL Criminal Information) and available to all the member states, including Montenegro. Therefore, no one is in a position to hide neither this nor any other warrant.

If Mr Mandić had the intention to show his level of literacy, he would have read the press release made by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia which clearly outlined that they didn’t request Montenegro to extradite Saša Sinđelić, also providing a clear explanation of reasons for acting in that manner. 

If the statement made by Mr Andrija Mandić wasn’t his attempt to avoid the criminal responsibility, he would have considered the fact that the Ministry of Justice does not deprive anyone from freedom and that it has never done such a thing in its long-term history simply because it is not competent to do so. Once conditions for extradition of a person to some other country are created, the competent court is supposed to make a statement whether the requirements for the extradition are in place. Following the court decision, Minister of Justice has to make a final decision whether to extradite that person or not and the country seeking the extradition of that person has to submit an official request to Montenegro. 

Minister of Justice Zoran Pažin