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Bošković, McCain: Montenegro's role in NATO will be significant

Bošković, McCain: Montenegro
Published date 12.04.2017 16:00 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (12 April 2017) – Minister of Defence Predrag Bošković met earlier today with US Senator John McCain, who was paying official visit to Montenegro. Thanks to the quality of the reforms and constant contribution to regional and international peace and security, Montenegro has justified the confidence of the partner countries and deserves full membership in NATO and its role in the Alliance will be significant, it was concluded at the meeting.

Minister Bošković thanked Senator McCain for the unconditional support of the United States on Montenegro's Euro-Atlantic path and stressed that the US ratification of the Protocol on the Accession to NATO brought Montenegro to the verge of achieving a primary foreign policy goal.

He particularly acknowledged the personal contribution of Senator McCain to regional peace and security, as well as to accelerating Montenegro's integration into NATO. The Minister expressed confidence that Montenegro's membership in NATO will further strengthen security in the region and the Alliance will get an honest, reliable and devoted ally. Minister Bošković emphasised the importance of the strategic partnership between Montenegro and the United States, which is reflected in a very high-quality cooperation in the field of defence.

Bearing in mind the achievements to date, Senator McCain has expressed his belief that Montenegro will in the very near future become a full member of the family of NATO countries. He pointed out that Montenegro has chosen the right path, cherishing democratic values underpinning NATO and the European Union and successfully coping with negative external influences. Senator McCain pointed out that, although a small country, Montenegro is a very important partner of the United States.

The two officials agreed that the security situation in the region and Europe is delicate, and that only by investing additional effort and strengthening mutual cooperation can be adequately responded to the challenges.

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