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Marković, McCain: Montenegro's integration into NATO and EU is bright spot in turbulent world

Marković, McCain: Montenegro
Published date 12.04.2017 18:33 | Author PR Service

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VIDEO: PM Marković meets with US Senator McCain

PR ServicePodgorica, Montenegro (12 April 2017) – Montenegro's entry into NATO and its upcoming integration into the EU is a bright spot in the turbulent events in the world, US Senator John McCain said at a meeting with Prime Minister Duško Marković.

Prime Minister Marković thanked Senator McCain for his personal contribution to progress in Euro-Atlantic integration and stressed the significant support of the whole US administration and the American people's efforts to realise the vision of modern Montenegro.

The Prime Minister said that the ratification of the Protocol of Accession to NATO and the signing by the President of the United States Donald Trump is the verification of reforms that Montenegro implemented in previous years. It is also a confirmation of a lasting and sustainable friendship and partnership between the two countries and two people.

PM Marković noted that the Parliament will soon complete the procedures that will allow Montenegro to become a full member of NATO and said that in the coming period it will continue to work on fulfilling membership obligations, primarily fulfilling commitment regarding allocation of 2 percent of GDP for defence. In addition, we will strengthen institutions and the administration and continue implementing measures to reduce the public debt and deficit, but it will not jeopardise the chances for development and attractive investment environment, the Prime Minister stated.

Speaking about the internal situation in Montenegro and referring to the attempted terrorist act of October last year, Senator McCain said that he was proud of the state leadership and the security services who have given timely and adequate response to this challenge.

The two officials agreed that the situation in the region, in the context of security and stability, was serious, and it is important that the European Union and the United States are strongly present in the Western Balkans in order to preserve the peace and prosperity of the countries. The Prime Minister said that the EU's doors should be open to aspiring countries because the enlargement policy is essentially a policy of peace and stability in the Balkans.