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Press release from 21st Cabinet session

Press release from 21st Cabinet session
Published date 13.04.2017 18:15 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (13 April 2017) -- At today's session, chaired by Prime Minister Duško Marković, the Government of Montenegro adopted Report on implementation of Government's Work Programme for the first quarter of 2017, according to which the Government efficiency was 90.6 percent of the planned, wherein 14 of 18 ministries have the effect of 100 percent.

The Prime Minister said that he is more than satisfied with the Government's efficiency, not only on the basis of statistical indicators, but also from the perspective of the key elements of the Government. The Prime Minister highlighted teamwork, solidarity and the results achieved as a special achievements, especially in the fields of providing political, economic and security stability.

“We have demonstrated the strength and perseverance and courage in all these elements. Government has shown compactness, unity and political and professional solidarity faced with all the issues it has had to deal with, both the issues the Government is responsible for and the daily political ones, which in fact have outnumbered our programme policies. We have responded as a team, we have been unique and we have had a clear approach. We have not hesitated,” the Prime Minister said.

In addition to meeting curriculum requirements, he emphasised that the Government tried to change the situation in society, primarily by changing the well-established political practice.

The Government was particularly focused to create the conditions for quality development and evaluation of our economic potential,” the Prime Minister said, adding that the confirmation of this approach is the growing interest of renowned investors for our country.

Speaking about the plan of financial consolidation, the Prime Minister highlighted the Government's work to increase financial discipline and accountability.

“We got to grips with tax debt, we went into it. The Government is faced with these difficult issues and sends a clear message to everyone, especially those in the economic field, who thought they were untouchable. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund trust us,“ the Prime Minister noted, adding that the result of this approach is, among other things, the confidence of international partners as well.

Prime Minister Marković emphasised an increase in the level of safety, saying that “this Government has introduced a new approach when it comes to our general safety and security. We recovered the authority of the security services and police officers. Today, every police officer is considered with respect. The gangs throughout Montenegro got a shot and a clear message. Thus and resolutely, it will be in the future.” He noted that despite the undoubted successes, the Government must continue to operate responsibly and efficiently, saying it will continue to be required by members of the Government.

Fulfilling its obligations under the ratification process for the formalisation of Montenegro's accession to full NATO membership, the Government adopted Draft Law on confirmation of North Atlantic Treaty with the Protocol to the North Atlantic Treaty on the accession of Greece and Turkey and sent it to the Parliament for adoption by the simplified procedure. During the discussion, it was emphasised that Euro-Atlantic integration and joining NATO are among strategic foreign policy priorities as the most convenient and economically most justified way to protect its national and security interests that citizens have opted for in a referendum on the restoration of independence. Following the ratification of Protocol on Montenegro's Accession to NATO by all member-States of the Alliance, Montenegro will be sent a formal invitation to accede to the Organisation by depositing an instrument of ratification of North Atlantic Treaty in the US Government, which is a Treaty depositary.

The Government adopted The first quarterly report on the implementation of the Programme of Montenegro's accession to the European Union for the period 2017-2018, according to which a high level of implementation was achieved, namely 82 percent of the planned obligations, while the remaining obligations are in the final stage, concerning the technical details or the final fitting.

The fifth semi-annual report on implementation of the Action Plan for the implementation of the Judical Reform Strategy 2014-2016 was adopted, under which the planned activities, 92 percent of which is carried out continuously, are conducted successfully and as planned.

The session also adopted Decision on the adoption of the State Location Study “Part of the sector 22” Tivat. The aim of the Study is to create conditions for building by preparing relevant documents, in order to recognise and analyse all elements of the purpose and organisation of space utilisation, so as to protect and encourage further sustainable development of the wider area.

The Government adopted Programme to promote innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises for 2017, which envisages financial support scheme for small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry on the principle of co-financing part of the costs of engaging external consultants to implement innovative activities of enterprises.

At the end of the session, Minister of Economy Dragica Sekulić presented a verbal information on the impact of the situation in the Agrokor Group on companies in Montenegro. Minister Sekulić said that according to reports of the competent institutions, Agrokor's Merkator Crna Gora and Ledo Crna Gora have stable businesses, all financial obligations are settled in accordance with the law and the planned deadlines, and there is no fear that their businesses could be affected.