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Economy Minister Dragica Sekulić takes part in regional meeting on Agrokor crisis

Published date 19.04.2017 16:48 | Author PR Service

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Belgrade, Serbia (19 April 2017) -- Economy Minister of Montenegro Dragica Sekulić took part in Belgarde earlier today in a regional meeting attended by Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić and Serbian, Slovenian, Bosnian and Montenegrin trade and economy ministers on the “Agrokor” company crisis.

Aware of the importance of the “Agrokor” group for all the countries in the region, as well as its impact on the economy of each country and their GDP, the meeting decided to set up a ministerial team that will be in daily communication in order to exchange information and undertake joint actions to protect jobs, interests of employees and suppliers, and stable operating of companies owned by “Agrokor” in each of the four countries.

Each of the countries will control financial and merchandise flow of companies related to "Agrokor" in accordance with the laws that are in force in the four states, it was also one of the conclusions of today’s meeting in Belgrade.

The representatives of the four governments underlined that they expect the new manager of "Agrokor" to appoint independent experts for the successful restructuring of the companies operating within the Agrokor group, as well as the new "Agrokor" administration to treat equally all its suppliers, both in Croatia and outside the country.

The officials of Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro voiced willingness to meet with representatives of the Croatian Government in order to find common solutions to the stabilisation of the entire "Agrokor" group.