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Press conference following 22nd Cabinet session

Press conference following 22nd Cabinet session
Published date 20.04.2017 15:23 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (20 April 2017) -- Press conference following 22nd Cabinet session was held today, 20 April 2017, at the Press Centre of the Government.

At the press conference, Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulović said that he gave information about the preparation of the new Law on Planning and Construction at today's Cabinet session.

A draft law will be determined and offered to the public debate in the next few days,” the Minister said, adding that the law has already been at a public debate once, but it was significantly altered due to the huge number of suggestions and that is why it was first tested with the expert public.

The Minister said he was satisfied with the response to the expert part of the public debate, which took place yesterday.

We exchanged opinions on many topics. I think it is much clearer to all stakeholders what is this all, the concept is clearer to them now. I did not hear any coherent objection to the concept, except for the technical details that will certainly be reconciled, but absolutely no one was able to challenge the concept as such,” Minister Radulović said.

PR Service

Director of the Directorate of State Treasury Dragan Darmanović said that the Government adopted today the Information on refinancing the debt of Public Enterprise “Coast Regional Water Supply”, arising from loans of Abu Dhabi Fund, so that a more favorable arrangement would be concluded.

“Regional water supply system is proposed to conclude a new loan in Euros, which would pay off the existing one and thus reduce its risks and exposure, as well as additional costs in regulating liability in case of repeated change of course in the international market,” Dragan Darmanović said.