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Press release from 24th Cabinet session: Chinese donation, cooperation with diaspora, e-Government

Press release from 24th Cabinet session: Chinese donation, cooperation with diaspora, e-Government
Published date 04.05.2017 16:13 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (4 May 2017) -- At its 24th session, the Montenegrin Cabinet approved the Information on People's Republic of China' donation. In parallel, the Cabinet approved the Agreement on economic and technical cooperation between the governments of China and Montenegro. A grant totalling 20 million Chinese yuan (≈2,65 million EUR) will be used for the project of reconstruction of the bridge on Djurdjevića Tara, as well as for other infrastructure projects for which relevant agreements will be singed afterwards.

Government discussed the activities aimed at boosting cooperation with the Diaspora in Latin America and decided to support the implementation of the "Montenegrin House" project in the Province of Chaco, Argentina. The discussion highlighted the need for establishing closer links between emigrants from Montenegro and their home country, preserving and nurturing language, culture and tradition, promoting and strengthening national identity and sense of belonging to the home country, and intensifying communication and cooperation in the field of science. In that context, the Province of Chaco in Argentina, where the largest number of descendants of the Montenegrin emigrants in Latin America lives, is of paramount significance. With this in mind, the Government tasked the Ministry of Finance to provide EUR 70,000 from the current budget reserves for the implementation of the "Montenegrin House" project in the Province of Chaco, Argentina, EUR 5,000 for the printing of the book entitled "History of Montenegro" and EUR 10,000 for creating the necessary administrative and technical conditions for the work of Montenegro's diplomatic and consular representations in Argentina. Cabinet also tasked ministries of culture and education to provide a total of EUR 17,000 for the project of organising courses of the Montenegrin language in Argentina and Uruguay.

Today’s Cabinet meeting established the European Integration Commission, which, as a working body of the Government, will monitor implementation of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement, verify reports on the implementation of the Programme of Accession of Montenegro to the EU and undertake other activities of importance for the European integration of Montenegro.

Cabinet approved the Information on the need for starting the process of signing contracts with private pharmacies for issuing prescription medicines. The Cabinet tasked the Health Insurance Fund of Montenegro to arrange issuance of prescription medicines with private pharmacies. Through the Project of including private pharmacies in the network of health care institutions, citizens will be enabled to pick up medicines with the recipe prescribed by their selected doctors in more than 250 private pharmacies, in addition to 53 Montefarm pharmacies. This will enable private pharmacies to have access to the retail market of medicines and prescription medicines issuance for beneficiaries of the Health Insurance Fund under the same terms and conditions as the Montefarm pharmacies, and will ensure better availability and supply of medicines, and better competitiveness in the medicine market.

With a view to rationalising and providing security of the e-Government, the Cabinet adopted Information on the use of digital certificates in ministries and other state administration bodies. Electronic signature and electronic identification are an important segment of e-business. Using this technology allows the signer authentication, protecting the integrity of data transmitted and non-repudiation of electronic signing of documents. Using digital certificates electronically confirms the link between the data for verification of electronic signature and identity of the signer. In that regard, the Cabinet tasked the state authorities to provide technical conditions for full implementation of electronic technology in crafting and processing documents.

Cabinet appointed Suljo Mustafić as Head of the Employment Agency of Montenegro. Former head of the institution Vukica Jelić was appointed as State Secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.

Cabinet gave consent to the Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism to dismiss Head of the Environmental Protection Agency Ervin Spahić due to the abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency and issuance of the Regulation on internal organisation and systematisation of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, which includes the Agency for Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection, and to appoint Nikola Medenica as the Acting Head.