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PM Marković: Government will provide all necessary conditions for better development of Bihor region

PM Marković: Government will provide all necessary conditions for better development of Bihor region
Published date 05.05.2017 17:12 | Author PR Service

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Petnjica, Montenegro (5 May 2017) -- New municipal building in Petnjica should encourage the administration and management to launch new initiatives that could be converted into projects that will contribute to the progress of the Bihor region and the quality of life of citizens, said Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković at the opening of the building worth EUR 1.6 million, which construction was funded by the Government.

The Prime Minister also noted that the new municipal building will provide better working conditions for the administration and that it is an important message to the citizens of the region - the Government will do everything in its power to ensure that the new municipality gets all the facilities that belong to it.

Noting that Montenegro has made all major political and strategic decisions regarding its development, PM Marković stressed that the great success has been achieved since the restoration of independence reflected in full membership in NATO and a leadership position in European integration in the region.

He underscored that Montenegro will take part in NATO Summit in Brussels as a new member of the Alliance, which is of historical importance for the country and its citizens.

He stated that he wants living conditions in northern Montenegro to be changed in order to make it a better place to live in, as resources and potentials of the north in terms of tourism, agriculture and energy should be a new impetus to the development of the country.

He stressed the Government's determination to attract reputable international investors in order to develop major tourist resorts in northern Montenegro. For that to happen, PM Marković explained, it is necessary to boost infrastructure.

In that context, he stressed the importance of the Bar – Boljare motorway, praised the dynamics of its construction, at the same time objecting to the fact that the first phase of reconstruction of the road from Berane to Petnjica has not started yet, even though EUR 1.9 million has been provided for that purposes. Prime Minister Marković said he will do his best to ensure the beginning of the works as soon as possible, adding that the project for the second phase of the road reconstruction has been completed and that its construction is expected to start next year.

The Prime Minister pointed out that other members of the Cabinet will be visiting Petnjica over the next weeks in order to define, in communication with the citizens of this region, projects implementation dynamics.