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Prime Minister Duško Marković meets in Washington with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Prime Minister Duško Marković meets in Washington with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
Published date 08.05.2017 20:52 | Author PR Service

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Washington, the USA (8 May 2017) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković met earlier today with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, as the first official from the Western Balkans.

The Prime Minister thanked the Government of the United States, President Trump and Secretary of State Tillerson for the recent ratification of the Protocol on Accession of Montenegro to NATO and their strong support for Montenegro's key national interests. He noted that the United States, as a partner and friend, is part of all Montenegro's successes, stressing the Government of Montenegro's commitment to regional stability, development of good neighbouring relations and responsible approach to the stability and security by all Western Balkan countries.

Prime Minister Marković informed the US Secretary of State about the Russian pressure on Montenegro ahead of the parliamentary elections last October, and thereafter, stressing that the Government of Montenegro was patient and restrained in tackling numerous attacks and provocations from the Russian side. Montenegro remains willing to build correct relations with Russia based on equality and respect for the two countries' interests, he underlined.

Prime Minister Marković and Secretary of State Tillerson also addressed the opportunities for boosting economic cooperation. Montenegrin reforms are a necessary condition for the creation of a favourable and stable business environment that attracts foreign investors, the two officials stressed. In that regard, the Prime Minister urged American investors to take advantage of investment potentials of Montenegro in the fields of tourism, energy, agriculture and infrastructure.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson congratulated Prime Minister Marković on the prospective Montenegro's membership in NATO, pointing out that Montenegro got there thanks to the results achieved. He stressed that he believes that Montenegro will be responsible in assuming obligations arising from NATO membership as a new and full-fledged member of the Alliance. He underscored that the stability of Montenegro will contribute to the stability of the entire Western Balkans, to which the United States is strongly committed.

He pointed out that the region has not been forgotten, because its stability is important for Europe and beyond. Secretary of State Tillerson encouraged Montenegro to continue implementing reforms aimed at further democratisation of the society, emphasising that the USA will continue to provide strong support to the Government of Montenegro in that regard.