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PM Marković: Montenegro in NATO brings stability to region, we expect merit-based evaluation of our EU integration

PM Marković: Montenegro in NATO brings stability to region, we expect merit-based evaluation of our EU integration
Published date 12.05.2017 12:22 | Author PR Service

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Budva, Montenegro (12 May 2017) -- Speaking at the 2BS Forum (To be Secure Forum), taking place in Budva, Montenegro, Prime Minister Duško Marković said that the end of the Cold War and the intensification of the process of European unification failed to eliminate threats of renewed armed conflict. Euro-Atlantic area is faced with new threats and challenges. According to him, there is no better security framework on today's global stage than the one provided by NATO.

“We discussed here last year that we expect the Protocol on Montenegro’s Accession to NATO to be signed. Today, we are pleased to announce that all member-states have ratified this act and that Montenegro will attend the Summit in Brussels in two weeks. We expect formal delivery of our ratification document to the State Department on 5 June, and from that moment on Montenegro will be a full member of the most powerful alliance in today's world. I believe that this is an event that brings more peace and stability to our country, but also to everyone else in the Balkans. I wish to underline that it brings greater opportunity for economic progress of Montenegro. This is supported by the fact that the net inflow of foreign investment in the first two months of 2017 amounted to EUR 64.6 million, which is significantly higher compared to the same period last year when a net outflow was seen. It was happening at a time when it was already certain that Montenegro is in the doorway of the Alliance and all parameters indicate that this trend is going to be even more positive in the future. Thus I believe that credible investors, primarily those from the West, will appreciate the fact that Montenegro is part of NATO and that it is the guarantor of peace and stability of the country, as well as their investments, along with the rule of law as the prerequisite for attracting foreign capital,” the Prime Minister emphasised.

The Prime Minister said that our country’s membership in NATO means not only stability for Montenegro, but for the entire region as well. 

“What is important for us is that our partners send a clear message the EU and NATO open door policy and provide the Western Balkan citizens with security perspective and a better life. This message, however, needs to be clear and specific. It needs to be visible and tangible. In general, I would say that a vague message that the doors of the EU and NATO are open to all those who meet the criteria does not mean much to our citizens,” Prime Minister Marković said.

Speaking about our European integration, Prime Minister Marković said that Montenegro does not expect anyone to turn a blind eye on it, but a merit-based evaluation of the results.

“When we speak about Montenegro in that context, having regard to the negotiation process that we have been through and all that is ahead of us by the end of the road, I do not think that anyone in the European Union doubts that we are able to meet all the remaining criteria for membership over the next five years at most! It is realistic to think that this period need to be substantially longer for some other countries of the Western Balkans. We only need merit-based evaluation of our results and the European Commission to clearly say: If you work as before, you will finish up the work in five years' time! It would be a new impetus for public administration; it would be a clear perspective for our citizens; finally, it would be a sign that the European Union truly keeps its door open for the Western Balkans, with a clear schedule and vision of the future. Finally, it would give new strength to the European enthusiasm in our region and strongly contribute to the stabilisation of the situation and preservation of peace and security,” the Prime Minister underlined.