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Montenegro Pavilion opens at 57th Venice Biennale

Montenegro Pavilion opens at 57th Venice Biennale
Published date 13.05.2017 13:00 | Author PR Service

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Montenegro Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale, located in Palazzo Malpiero in Venice, has been opened. Ivana Radovanović and Adin Rastoder represent Montenegro at the Biennale with the project Čovjek Human Uomo.

The Pavilion was opened by Minister of Culture Janko Ljumović. Art historians Žana Filipović and Ljiljana Zeković also spoke at the opening ceremony.

In his address Minister Ljumović said that Venice Biennale on fascinating and exciting way dynamise development of Montenegrin art scene, which, thanks to the international visibility, is getting again new energy and finally, its full meaning.

The Minister also said that the Montenegro Pavilion in the previous years, thanks to prominent artists who represented Montenegro, became known for exhibitions that keep pace with the most modern achievements of world expression.

Minister Ljumović said that this year's works in a very effective way correspond to the slogan of the Biennale, i.e. the actualisation of life issues in the arts. This year's curator Žana Filipović said that the dominat idea in Montenegrin artists' works is the human in different situations, questioning riddle of life. Art historian Ljiljana Zeković said that Biennale's slogan Viva Arte Viva actually expresses the essence of Radovanović's and Rastoder's creative work based on the life essence of art and its human dimension seen through the prism of human.

Curator of Montenegro Pavilion at the 57th Biennale is art historian Žana Filipović and commissioner is Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje and director of the Centre of Contemporary Art of Montenegro Nenad Šoškić.

This year's 57th edition of International Exhibition Art will last until 26 November.