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Press release from 26th Cabinet session: Public procurement, draft law on international restrictive measures

Press release from 26th Cabinet session: Public procurement, draft law on international restrictive measures
Published date 18.05.2017 20:28 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (18 May 2017) -- At today's session, chaired by Prime Minister Duško Marković, the Government of Montenegro passed the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Public Procurement.

In order to achieve greater efficiency, while preserving the achieved degree of transparency, the proposed amendments eliminate the perceived difficulties in the implementation of public procurement procedures and define the cases occurring in practice that are not covered by the law. Deputy Prime Minister Milutin Simović noted that the goal of the proposed novelties is to provide greater efficiency rather than less transparency of public procurement procedures.

Proposed amendments to the Law on Public Procurement are aimed at eliminating barriers identified in the application of the law both by the state authorities and the business community, simplifying procedures, achieving better quality, more efficient and cost-effective mechanisms for protection of rights and legal interests of participants in public procurement procedures, as well as protecting the public interest.

In accordance with the limits of the European Union, the amendments stipulate that the contracting authority must apply public procurement procedures for the purchases of goods or services, the estimated value of which is equal to or greater than EUR 15,000, or when it comes to works, for the purchase which is equal to or greater than EUR 30,000, while shopping method and direct agreement are deleted from the list of types of public procurement procedures.

Amendments to the Law incorporates the emergency procurement, which the customer can perform without public procurement procedure in order to eliminate the risk of unforeseen events, eliminate the consequences of such unforeseen events, in case of threat to life and health of citizens, if unable to conduct the public procurement procedure and to act within the time limits specified in this law, obliged to respect the principles of public procurement in implementing these procedures.

The Government adopted the Information on the use of explosives and other illegal tools in order to catch fish with proposed measures to combat illegal fishing, assessing that the permanent and irreparable damage is applied in this way to biodiversity, quality and food safety, while the registered fishermen are exposed to unfair competition. So, despite the efforts that have been made in the previous period, illegal fishing remains a major challenge. Accordingly, it was concluded that it is necessary to strengthen the capacity of relevant authorities as soon as possible in order to respond appropriately to a very demanding challenge. It was also noted that it is necessary to pay special attention to identifying urgent and adequate prosecution of not only the perpetrators of these crimes, but also exposing the entire supply chain of explosive devices and other illegal tools that are used in the illegal activities.

The Government adopted the Information on the continuation of cooperation with the Housing Cooperative “Solidarno”. Taking into account the successful cooperation so far, through which the Government has provided funds amounting to EUR 5,709,190.00 for the purpose of improving the housing conditions of employees in education, it was decided that the Government will increase the allocation of funds from the Budget of the previous EUR 450,000 to EUR 600,00 for the next three-years period for the implementation of the Agreement on providing funds for solving housing needs of employees in education.

At today’s session, the Government adopted the Information on the results of the winter tourist season 2016/17. The general assessment is that the winter season records a positive growth trend from year to year, when viewed tourist traffic. According to official statistics, the number of tourist arrivals in December 2016 increased by 9.4% compared to December 2015, and the number of overnight stays increased by 21.6% compared to December 2015. Growth of tourist arrivals by 10.4% and overnight stays by 6.4% was registered for the first two months of 2017 compared to the first two months of 2016.

The Government also adopted the Information on the structure of credit support of the Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro. In the first four months of 2017, the IDF placed a total of EUR 38,868,642 under various credit lines to support business development and job creation. The discussion emphasised the commitment of the Government to the projected objectives in this area, as one of the key levers for achieving economic growth and improving the quality of life of citizens. In particular, it was pointed to the need for strong Fund activities in the northern region.

In order to comply with international regulations governing the fight against terrorism and terrorist financing, the Government adopted the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on International Restrictive Measures, prescribing the regime of restrictive measures, respectively restricting the disposal of property and assets of legal entities and individuals designated as terrorists, terrorist organisations or terrorist financiers. Among other things, new solutions stipulate the establishment of a national list of legal entities and individuals designated as terrorists, terrorist organisations or terrorist financiers, as well as the criteria by which a legal entity or individual may be designated as terrorist, terrorist organisation or terrorist financier. Due to the necessary cooperation in this area with partner countries, this Act prescribes handling procedures of the competent authorities of Montenegro on the requirements of other countries.