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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro conveyed a protest note to the Embassy of the Russian Federation

Published date 29.05.2017 15:30 | Author PR Service

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On the occasion of the last night's restraint of Miodrag Vukovic, Member of the Montenegrin Parliament at the “Domodedovo Airport in Moscow, the Russian Ambassador to Montenegro Sergei Nikolaevich Gricaj was called at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, were Acting Director General for Bilateral Affairs Ivan Lekovic and Acting Director General for Consular Affairs Selim Lika, delivered him a protest note.

On that occasion, the inappropriate conduct of the competent Russian authorities during the unjustified detention of Mr. Vukovic was pointed out, when Russian competent authorities and officials have not provided basic conditions, especially having in mind his deteriorated health condition.

The Ministry also pointed out the inappropriate treatment toward the diplomatic representative of the Embassy of Montenegro in the Russian Federation to whom, it was not allowed to get in touch with our Member of the Parliament who, after a long insistence and urgency to competent authorities at the airport, managed to meet with Vukovic, and offer him the necessary help.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expects that the true facts and reasons in relation to the event will be determined, bearing in mind that on this occasion, basic rules of international law and the provisions of good diplomatic communications have been violated.

 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
 Department for Public Relations