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Nuhodžić, Stefanović: Excellent cooperation between interior ministers of Serbia and Montenegro

Nuhodžić, Stefanović: Excellent cooperation between interior ministers of Serbia and Montenegro
Published date 05.06.2017 15:38 | Author PR Service

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Belgrade, Serbia (5 June 2017) -- Minister of Interior of Montenegro Mevludin Nuhodžić and Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Interior of Serbia Nebojša Stojanović estimated today that the police of the two countries can suppress organised and all other forms of crime by strengthening operational cooperation, so that citizens feel safer.

The meeting particularly discussed the possibility of establishing permanent investigative teams that would specifically deal with organised crime groups, the most threatening Serbia and Montenegro. As Minister Nuhodžić specified, these teams would be composed of representatives of the police, prosecutors and other security services.

The meeting concluded that it is necessary to continue to strengthen police cooperation between the two countries.

„No matter how powerful and strong the country is, it is very difficult to confront these global threats and challenges all alone. In order to show to organised crime and criminals that Serbia and Montenegro are stronger than them, than their plans and ideas, the daily exchange of information is essential,“ Minister Nuhodžić stated.

PR ServiceMinister Nuhodžić, who is on his first official visit to the Republic of Serbia, said that the two countries are threatened by the same or similar security challenges – transnational organised crime, illegal migration and the threat of terrorism.

Speaking about the economic cooperation between the two countries, Minister Nuhodžić pointed out that Montenegro recognises the positive attitude of the Republic of Serbia.

Minister Nuhodžić put special emphasis on ideas related to road infrastructure, namely the construction of a motorway that would connect Montenegro and Serbia, which is crucial to link the two friendly countries.

He expressed special gratitude to his counterpart Stefanović for the invitation to attend the celebration of the Day of the Ministry of Interior which was organised in Niš yesterday, and praised the competence and material and technical equipment of the Serbian police.

After the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Interior of Serbia Nebojša Stojanović said that the cooperation between the two Ministries of Interior is very good. As he noted, there is a daily exchange of information aimed at counteracting organised criminal and smuggling of arms and narcotics, suppression of general crime, as well as prevention of any extremist and terrorist organising in the territory of two countries.

According to Minister Stefanović, this kind of cooperation shows sincerity in order to fully and vigorously stand up to organised crime and criminals to realise they are not safe anywhere. Only by a synchronised operation, full pressure on the criminal clans and heavy-handed, it is possible to suppress them and make citizens feel safer, as he emphasised.

PR ServiceMinister Stefanović commented on the recently signed Agreement on cooperation between the two police in the tourist season, according to which Serbian police officers are patrolling along with their Montenegrin counterparts from 1 June, adding that the meeting discussed the possibility that Montenegro send a number of police officers to Serbia in wintertime.

The two ministers also talked about illegal migration and potentially new migration flows, as well as measures that countries can take in order to effectively counteract this type of violation of law.

Ministers Stefanović and Nuhodžić discussed the mutual support in the field of European integration, but also the role of the police in ensuring stability and capital infrastructure.