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Defence Minister Bošković: This is historic day for Montenegro

Defence Minister Bošković: This is historic day for Montenegro
Published date 05.06.2017 21:58 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (5 June 2017) -- This is a historic day for Montenegro, which shows that the country is considering its own interests that won't be opposing anybody, Minister of Defence Predrag Bošković said earlier today at the media conference on the occasion of Montenegro's formal membership in NATO.

Minister Bošković thanked employees in the public administration, media representatives, NGO representatives, as well as representatives of the Armed Forces of Montenegro for their great contribution to Montenegro's progress towards Euro - Atlantic integration. "This is a historic day for Montenegro and by joining NATO the country has shown that it is thinking about its own interest, thus making a historic turning point," Minister Bošković highlighted.

"As a 29th NATO member state, Montenegro will enable further stabilisation of a turbulent region such as the Western Balkans," Minister Bošković stressed. Therefore, Montenegro will justify the confidence of allies by its continuing contribution to preserving peace and stability in the world, Minister Bošković pointed out. 

Membership in the Alliance will help Montenegro to continue implementing the rule of law and to make efforts in fighting organised crime and corruption, which will be encouraging for other countries in the region waiting to pass the same road, Minister Bošković outlined. 

Minister Bošković also hosted a reception on the occasion of Montenegro's formal membership in NATO. "Today we have achieved the most important foreign policy goal and strategic decision of Montenegro in modern history," Minister Bošković stressed in his opening remarks at the reception. 

He highlighted that he hopes that Montenegro will serve as an example to other states when it comes to their foreign policy positioning, adding that Montenegro's membership in NATO will have an additional value only with a high level of regional security and regional cooperation.

"Being a part of a family of modern democracies represents both a privilege and an obligation to continue meeting NATO values and principles", Minister Bošković pointed out .