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European People's Party commends Montenegro's contribution to stability of Western Balkans

European People
Published date 06.06.2017 19:00 | Author PR Service

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Brussels, Belgium (6 June 2017) -- European People's Party (EPP) reiterated its unconditional commitment to the European perspective of the Western Balkans, as well as the EU approach by which the progress of each country is measured according to its merits, the conference organised by this political group in the European Parliament emphasised. 

The conference titled “Western Balkans - EU: Addressing the common challenges and using the opportunities” gathered representatives of the European Parliament, as well as the current and former prime ministers and ministers in-charged for the European affairs of the Western Balkan countries. 

Minister of European Affairs Aleksandar Andrija Pejović talked on the regional cooperation and security issues, emphasising the importance of Montenegro’s membership in NATO for the stability of the Western Balkans. By making this historic step, Montenegro ensured the long-lasting security and established a solid basis for overall social and economic development in pursuing the EU full-fledged membership, Minister Pejović stressed.

“There is no stronger expression of the mutual trust, solidarity and friendship among the countries than the one that implies taking over the responsibilities for the collective defence according to the principle “one for all, all for one”. Montenegro is proud of being a partner with the most developed world democracies, thus creating closer ties with our European partners on its path towards the EU membership,” Minister Pejović highlighted.

Representatives of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament, headed by the Vice President of the EPP Mariya Gabriel and former Chairman of the EU Parliament's foreign affairs committee Elmar Brok, commended Montenegro’s membership in NATO as a historic step towards the stability of the Western Balkans and an important contribution to the long-lasting peace and prosperity of Europe. 

The conference emphasised the need for continuing implementation of the reforms in the region, particularly when it comes to the good governance, rule of law and strengthening of the regional cooperation.