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Montenegro’s Cabinet Session begins with analysis of NATO accession: historical success and most important event since restoration of independence

Montenegro’s Cabinet Session begins with analysis of NATO accession: historical success and most important event since restoration of independence
Published date 08.06.2017 18:22 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (8 June 2017) -- Today’s Cabinet session began with verbal information of the Prime Minister Duško Marković on completion of the process of our country’s integration into NATO. During the discussion on this topic, Cabinet members unanimously concluded that this is a historic success and the most important political event in the recent history of Montenegro since the restoration of our state independence.

Prime Minister Marković said that membership in NATO is the result of thorough and dedicated work on reforms since 2006, adding that future generations will feel benefit of this historic event.

“This is the most direct and the most concrete protection of the sovereignty of our national survival and a new opportunity for further achievements. These further achievements have to be focused primarily on improving the quality of life in our country and the economic growth. The priority must be the duty of every employee in the civil service, particularly the Government, which will have to direct the undisputed administrative and state potential towards that goal,” the Prime Minister said.

Speaking about the very act of our country’s membership in NATO and the meeting with Vice President of the USA Mike Pence, the Prime Minister said that the positive atmosphere of partnership with our country and sincere joy because of our successful process of Euro-Atlantic integration represents an additional recognition to Montenegro.

Opportunity to strengthen the process of European integration

“I believe, and I think you will all agree with me that this is an opportunity to strengthen the process of integration into the European Union. We must devote ourselves to this purpose because our membership in the EU achieves the overall vision and strategic orientation of Montenegro, which will undoubtedly accelerate our overall development, primarily related to the economy,” the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Marković expressed his belief that our position is valuable and important for the stability in the Western Balkans.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Srđan Darmanović said that complete political and state structure needs to adapt to the new reality from now.

We are another country from Monday. We have become a part of alliance, in which almost one billion inhabitants live. This is the first time that Montenegro has taken in its history a decisive step forward in the West,” Minister Darmanović said. Due to the fact that Montenegro completed the integration process itself, our country has gone through much tougher path than the states which have joined NATO in groups, he stressed.

Minister of Defence Predrag Bošković emphasised the special role of the Army of Montenegro in the integration process.

“Its Partnership for Peace that NATO initiated in 2006 and especially the participation of our soldiers in peacekeeping missions have given an additional stimulus to make this process go faster than in some neighboring countries,” the Minister of Defence said.

Confirmation of good choice on 21 May 2006

Speaking as a representative of the Bosniak Party, Deputy Prime Minister Rafet Husović said that Montenegro sends today a message to those who were against its membership in NATO that they lost another battle.

“Today we see that 21 May 2006 was a good choice,” Deputy Prime Minister Husović said. As the head of one of the parties which represent minority nations, he gave special recognition to the Democratic Party of Socialist and its president and former Prime Minister Milo Đukanović personally.

Had it not been Milo Đukanović, we would not have talked on this topic today,” DPM Husović said, expressing his gratitude to the Prime Minister Duško Marković for representing the Government.

“Thank you for acting in this Government as a non-partisan, and not as a Vice President of the DPS. This is why this Government is the success of all of us,” DPM Husović said, adding that he hopes that this Government will bring Montenegro into the European Union.

Saying that the Bosniak Party advocates the extension of the ruling coalition, he noted that they are willing to work hard and to try to avoid extraordinary or early elections. 

Minister Marija Vučinović said that the Croatian Civic Initiative has never hesitated regarding Montenegro.

“As we thought that it should be independent then, so we think it should be in NATO today. We are proud to be part of the team that contributed to Montenegro’s membership,” she stressed, noting that recognition must be expressed to the previous governments and prime ministers as well.

Minister for Human and Minority Rights Mehmed Zenka said that this moment represents “victory over victories”.

Minister of Education Damir Šehović said he believes that 5 June 2017 is the most important date in the recent history of Montenegro since 21 May 2006. Speaking as a representative of the Social Democrats, he said that we sent a clear message on 21 May 2006 that independent, civil, antifascist and multi-ethnic Montenegro has no alternative. Just 11 years later, on 5 June 2017, Montenegro formally became a member of NATO, thereby putting a seal on just such a Montenegro, he said.

Date as the Congress of Berlin

Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Pažin assessed that the date of our country’s entry into NATO can be measured with some of the biggest date in our history, such as the Congress of Berlin.

“Unlike part of our public, I am aware of what a trace we have left on 5 June. Time is a masterpiece griddle. I am sure that it will be clear to everyone for 5 or 10 years how a grandiose 5 June is”,” DPM Pažin said.

Seize the moment as an opportunity

Congratulating the Montenegrin citizens on Montenegro’s membership in NATO at the end of this part of the session, the Prime Minister expressed gratitude to the former Prime Minister Milo Đukanović for the vision, assessing that today we have a country with an unprecedented perspective and great chances to be the country of regulated and uncompromising political system, with the economic growth as our greatest achievement.

“This is not a success that should be pushing us into the zone of selfishness and enthusiasm, but we need political expansion,” Prime Minister Duško Marković said, adding that he advocates the unification of political potential, as the division hinder society to gain.