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Prime Minister visits Žabljak: After joining NATO and new phase of EU integration, development and economy become our key priorities

Prime Minister visits Žabljak: After joining NATO and new phase of EU integration, development and economy become our key priorities
Published date 16.06.2017 18:02 | Author PR Service

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Žabljak, Montenegro (16 June 2017) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković said earlier today during his working visit to the Žabljak municipality that, after rounding up the strategic national policies, the Government will be placing focus on economy, but that there is need for greater efficiency at the local level and that municipalities must launch initiatives for better and faster evaluation of Montenegro's enormous potential.

The management of the Žabljak municipality informed Prime Minister Marković about the development projects, as well as the challenges they have been facing. It was particularly noted that the 2017 capital budget for the Žabljak municipality amounts to EUR 2.1 million and that the Slovenian donation of EUR 900,000 is expected to be realised.

PM Marković briefed the municipality management with the solution to the problem of water supply during the upcoming summer season. The Prime Minister said that the Government at its yesterday's session introduced emergency measures to overcome the problem and that EUR 58,000 was allocated for this purpose, stressing the need to intensify the involvement of local government in overcoming this challenge.

At a joint meeting of the municipality leaders, representatives of the Public Enterprise "National Parks of Montenegro", and the National Park "Durmitor," the Prime Minister asked for a more intense and efficient cooperation.

"Synchronisation is necessary when it comes to tourism and the overall offer because these things are inseparable," said Prime Minister Marković.

Answers to questions from reporters

Responding to a reporter’s question concerning the assessment of the opposition about the need to hold new parliamentary elections, the Prime Minister noted that parliamentary elections will be held exactly when they are supposed to be held.

"If the opposition wants dialogue on new parliamentary elections – they can work it out among themselves," said the PM Marković, adding that the ruling coalition, after joining NATO and the acceleration of European integration, considers economic issues crucial. He added that a dialogue with the opposition can be established, and that they will not accept any sort of blackmail.

When asked to comment on events in the Survey Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro, the Prime Minister said that the ruling coalition has shown democratic capacity and allowed the Democratic Front's MPs to attend the session even though they were not members of the Administrative Committee.

"They were allowed to enter and say what they think. You witnessed their speech of threats, their hate speech," said the Prime Minister, adding that the MPs of the Democratic Front had democratic opportunity they did not use, and that the MPs of the ruling coalition acted in a democratic manner.