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PM Marković meets with heads of inspection authorities: Stronger against grey economy

PM Marković meets with heads of inspection authorities: Stronger against grey economy
Published date 19.06.2017 19:45 | Author PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković met earlier today with heads of the Tax Administration, Customs Administration and the Inspection Administration, Miomir M. Mugoša, Vladan Joković and Božidar Vuksanović and their assistants. Increasing fiscal discipline gave good and encouraging results that are reflected in significantly better collection of budget revenues, but in the next period extra attention should be paid to reducing the grey economy, it was rated at the meeting.

Commenting on the new measures planned by the Fiscal strategy and the risk of an increase in the grey economy, PM Marković expressed his belief in the ability of institutions to respond to this challenge. In this context, they emphasised the importance of the recently formed Commission for combating the grey economy and further strengthening cooperation between the institutions at the state and local level.

The officials also praised "Stop the grey economy" project, through which will be engaged 145 young people who are currently registered as unemployed, and who will help officials of the Inspection Administration, Tax and Police Administration, and acquire new knowledge and skills relevant to their possible future working engagement in these areas.

At the regular monthly meeting with the heads of three administrations, the Prime Minister said that he expects the support of the public, especially the business community in all activities towards reducing the grey economy because it means better and more equitable business conditions for everyone on the market.

PM Marković reiterated the necessity of monitoring the consistent implementation of the Law on reprogramming the tax debt.

Administrations' heads informed about significantly better collection of revenues, compared to the plan for this year and plan for the same period of last year. It was jointly noted that there is room for improvement of results. The officials considered new models of cooperation, but also the need for further improvement of legislation that would enable the inspectors on the ground to work efficiently.