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PM Marković at US Embassy: Montenegrin-US friendship is over 100 years old, now we establish strategic partnership

PM Marković at US Embassy: Montenegrin-US friendship is over 100 years old, now we establish strategic partnership
Published date 22.06.2017 20:48 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (22 June 2017) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković said late this afternoon at the reception which took place at the US Embassy in Montenegro that the friendship between Montenegro and the United States was established more than 100 years ago and that strategic partnership between the two countries was established a couple weeks ago.

"The strategic partnership of our two countries was crowned two weeks ago, when Montenegro, assisted by Allies and, most importantly, by the United States, became a full-fledged member of the North Atlantic Alliance – the most powerful military and political alliance today. This partnership was further strengthened by a series of bilateral meetings during the last couple of months in Washington. Montenegro feels honoured and privileged by this partnership," the Prime Minister noted at the reception on the occasion of the 241st anniversary of the US Independence Day.

The Prime Minister concluded by saying: "God bless America! Long Live Montenegro!“ 

Besides Prime Minister Marković, the host of the reception, the US Ambassador Margaret Ann Uyehara, also addressed the figures from cultural, political and public life of Montenegro and representatives of the diplomatic corps.

US Ambassador Uyehara said when referring to Montenegro, paraphrasing an Hawaiian proverb, that there is no cliff so tall that a man cannot climb.

I am pretty sure that the Montenegrins know something about climbing the high mountains! You did not climb only the mountains that make for this beautiful country and its dramatic landscapes. Two weeks ago, Montenegro became the 29th member of NATO. I want to congratulate once more all the citizens of Montenegro on this extraordinary achievement. Membership in NATO is a huge step forward, but I know there are even higher peaks to be won, namely the membership of the European Union. I am sure of Montenegro's ability to win every summit regardless of its height, said US Ambassador Margaret Ann Uyehara at the ceremony marking the Independence Day of the United States.

She underscored that it is necessary to set high goals and that the USA and the international community will continue to work with Montenegro towards building a safer, stable and prosperous future.