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Press release from 31st Cabinet session: Set of education laws, Creative Montenegro Programme, agriculture, gasification

Press release from 31st Cabinet session: Set of education laws, Creative Montenegro Programme, agriculture, gasification
Published date 22.06.2017 21:25 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (22 June 2017) -- At today's 31st session, the Montenegrin Cabinet approved draft amendments to the General Law on Education, Law on Primary Education, Law on Gymnasium, Law on Vocational Education, Law on Education of Children with Special Educational Needs, Law on Adult Education and the Law on Preschool Education. The discussion emphasised that the set of laws rounds up the reform process of the education system, which represents the programme's commitment of the Government aimed at improving the quality of education at all levels. Key novelties, inter alia, relate to the establishment of a Quality and Talent Fund, a 10 percent reduction in the curriculum in order to relieve students, reduction of the norm for teachers from 20 to 18 hours, learning English in pre-school institutions from the age of three and as a compulsory subject from the first grade of the primary school. Furthermore, in both primary and secondary education, the number of students in classes will be reduced from 30 to 28, special gymnasiums will be introduced, and in order to promote vocational education, the concept of dual education will be established. The amendments also define the status of teaching assistants schools will engage for a specific period of time. Implementation of the defined solutions affirms knowledge, creates preconditions for encouraging and rewarding the best students and teaching staff, harmonises education with the needs of the labour market and enables the application of practical knowledge and skills in a real working environment.

Closing the discussion, the Prime Minister pointed out that in this case the success depends on the implementation, stressing that the plan of implementation of the laws has been elaborated in detail. 

"This is one of the greatest activities of this Government in political and expert context in this short period of time," the Prime Minister concluded.

At today's session, the Cabinet passed the Creative Montenegro Programme: Identity, Image, Promotion 2017-2020. The programme defines a number of activities aimed at promoting the State and represents a platform for the development of projects and programmes referring to various aspects of the Montenegrin and other ethnicities in Montenegro. The document affirms national and international policies of multiculturalism and interculturalism. The discussion underscored that the implementation of the programme will contribute to the strengthening of the community's identity through art, development of new and integrated models of investment in culture, innovative development of cultural tourism, quality of public policies, strengthening of the academic base and scientific network in the function of the development of the Montenegrin cultural studies and identity, as well as the development of cultural policy at all levels - from national to local.

In order to harmonise with the acquis communautaire and regulate the market for agricultural products, the Draft Law on the Market of Agricultural Products was approved at today's Cabinet session. The defined solutions provide for standards for placing certain agricultural products on the market, regulate the organisation of agricultural producers, implementation of market interventions, application of support programmes for certain sectors, monitoring of prices of agricultural products, reporting system towards the European Union and the trade in agricultural products with other countries. In addition, conditions will be created for financing support programmes for certain sectors which have not existed in Montenegro to date. The programmes will be financed from European funds after accessing the EU.

Cabinet gave its consent to the Decision on the allocation of part of the revenues from games of chance for 2017, which was adopted by a special commission. A total of EUR 3,525,597.99 will be used for the financing of 641 plans and programmes in the following fields: social protection and humanitarian activities, meeting the needs of people with disabilities, sports development, culture and technical culture, non-institutional education and upbringing of children and youth, fight against drugs and all other areas of addiction.

Government also passed the Master Plan for the Development of Gas Transport System (Gasification) of Montenegro. The master plan's designing was approved as part of the tenth call of the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF). The master plan for gasification is an overview of the situation regarding the gas market in Montenegro, as well as the institutional measures that need to be implemented at the ministerial levels and regulators in charge of this area.