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Prime Minister Marković is paying official visit to Council of Europe

Prime Minister Marković is paying official visit to Council of Europe
Published date 27.06.2017 10:46 | Author PR Service

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PR ServiceStrasbourg, France (27 June 2017) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković has begun an official visit to the Council of Europe's headquarters in Strasbourg during which he is scheduled to meet with the highest officials of the international institution and address the Parliamentary Assembly.

During the visit, the Prime Minister of Montenegro will meet with the Council of Europe's Secretary-General Torbjorn Jagland, Vice President of the CoE Parliamentary Assembly Antonio Guitierrez and President of Congress of Local and Regional Authorities Gudrun Mosler-Tornstrom.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro will also visit the European Court of Human Rights, where he will speak with President of the Court Gvido Raimondi.

Montenegro became a full member of the Council of Europe on 11 May 2007. Since then, through its proactive approach, determination and responsibility in the performance of post-accession obligations, and the acceptance of European standards and best practices, Montenegro has confirmed its commitment to the fundamental principles of the Council of Europe.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the membership of Montenegro in the Council of Europe, the Prime Minister of Montenegro will express appreciation to the Council of Europe for its overall support in the implementation of reforms and achieving European standards in all key areas for the development of democracy, the rule of law and human rights, which had an impact on accomplishing the main foreign policy priority of Montenegro - full-fledged membership in NATO. Prime Minister Marković will also give a review in relation to the results achieved in the mutual relations and point out the importance of continuing cooperation in order to ensure the respect of all the fundamental values and principles underpinning the Council of Europe. In that regard, but also in order to achieve success in the field of European integration, Montenegro will continue to fulfil the obligations towards the Council of Europe, as well as the intensive policy of implementing further reforms within its legislation.

In his address to the Parliamentary Assembly, the Prime Minister will speak about Montenegro's achievements, such as NATO membership, successful European integration process and regional cooperation policy, as well as the challenges such as the boycott of the Parliament by the opposition, which results in further polarisation of the society

The Council of Europe is an international organisation founded in 1949 with the aim of promoting democracy, protection and promotion of human rights and ensuring the rule of law in the member states. The seat of the Council of Europe is in Strasbourg. The organisation has 47 member states.

Montenegro became a full member of the Council of Europe on 11 May 2007. The permanent mission of Montenegro to the Council of Europe was opened on 1 October 2007.