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Dubrovnik: Montenegro produces excellent results in achieving goals of South East Europe 2020 Strategy

Published date 28.06.2017 18:52 | Author PR Service

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Dubrovnik, Croatia (28 June 2017) -- Minister of European Affairs Aleksandar Andrija Pejović participated in the fourth meeting of the South East Europe 2020 Strategy Governing Board meeting in Dubrovnik, sponsored by the Regional Cooperation Council.

The meeting presented the annual report on the implementation of the South East Europe2020 Strategy, the new main goals of the Strategy, the results achieved and perspectives of the member states, and the future steps after 2020.

Minister Pejović said that compared to 2010, Montenegro has made significant progress in the areas of integrated growth, through the inflow of foreign direct investments, smart growth, increase in the number of highly educated workforce, sustainable growth, and inclusive growth in the employment rate. In terms of the indicators, Montenegro is a regional leader in most development areas, such as foreign direct investment, sustainable development and employment policy.

He pointed out the significance of the energy for economic and overall development and presented the results Montenegro has achieved in that area, by aligning it with the acquis and the European development goals in this field. He stressed that the efforts and activities undertaken aim to make Montenegro a more important energy partner at the regional level and instead of the net importer to become a net exporter of electricity. According to all parameters of development of renewable energy sources, Montenegro has experienced the best results in the region with over 131% of the target's achievement.