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PM Marković at Parliament: Government does not use populism to gain popularity but protects State and institutions, creates conditions for better life for citizens

PM Marković at Parliament: Government does not use populism to gain popularity but protects State and institutions, creates conditions for better life for citizens
Published date 29.06.2017 13:48 | Author PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković partitipated in the 10th sitting of the first ordinary session of the Parliament of Montenegro, where Draft Law on Executing a Decision of the Constitutional Court of Montenegro U-I No. 6/16 of 19 April 2017 (Official Gazette of Montenegro No. 31/17) and Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Social and Child Welfare were considered.

PM Marković said that the unconstitutional and discriminatory law whose provisions were abolished by the Constitutional Court was attack against the State and institutions, that the Government will not use populist measures to gain popularity but it will preserve the State, constitutional order and institutions, as well as that the Government's goal is not to refer citizens to the Employment Agency and social work centres but to provide them with employment and better life.

PM Marković said that there are two reasons why he, as the Prime Minister, participates in the debate on the proposed laws.

"The formal one – because the Government under the Constitution is responsible for execution of Constitutional Court decisions. Essentially, it concerns our commitment, i.e. the Government's commitment in this important, crucial moment to establish the principle of the rule of law, the equality of non-discrimination and the creation of a society of equal opportunities for everyone," the Prime Minister said.

PM Marković said that his Government, regardless of the context in which the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Social Welfare and Child Protection was discussed, is determined to put the interest of the State first and not the interest of individuals and political parties or any other interest that is not the interest of the State, institutions and citizens.

Prime Minister said that there should be no deputy in Parliament who is not prepared to respect the Constitution.

"Our duty is to protect the State, to strengthen institutions and to provide citizens with a harmonious and prosperous life. We do not want to build our political rating on these issues, which would mean raising our popularity for a couple of percentages, preserving existing political followers or expecting new ones, thus collapsing the fundamental values of the Montenegrin society – progress, prosperity, democracy, freedom and equal chances for everyone," the Prime Minister said.

Speaking about the proposed law itself, amending the Law on Social and Child Protection, the Prime Minister said that it would establish a system of fairness.

"By this law, we have chosen to turn an unconstitutional state into a legal environment and legal procedure. We have, following this principle, carefully taken account of the legitimate expectations of those beneficiaries who have acquired this right on the basis of unconstitutional law," the Prime Minister said.

"I think the Government has found the right measure," PM Marković noted.

The Prime Minister said that the calls for non-compliance with the Constitutional Court's decision were directed against the State and institutions.

The Prime Minister said that budget allocation under this unconstitutional and discriminatory law amounted to EUR 85,672,866.61, that the estimate of the fiscal impact of the law was EUR 27,015,820 and that the funds for active employment which will be allocated amounts to EUR five million, while the costs for other children and social protection rights ammount to EUR 63,600,000.

"This is the answer to those who say that this Government has no sensitivity towards citizens who are in a need of social care. These figures clearly indicate how the Government treats these citizens and their needs. This is the Government that does not want to work on creating a society where the basic needs of every citizen, every single person, and each family will be to end up at the Employment Agency or using some of the social funds. This Government will work to build and create a society and environment in which we will valorise undisputed resources, and these resources will be the basis for employment of every individual and every family, to work and to provide quality living conditions. This Government will not refer citizens to the Employment Agency or social work centres, but will try to find opportunity for their employment and a viable lifestyle," PM Marković said.

Prime Minister Marković said that the Government has corrected this serious injustice, which was limiting numerous perspectives.

"The legal measure cannot related to an increase in birth rate. It was a political project of getting votes in the elections, not for improving the real needs of citizens who are in a need of social care," the Prime Minister concluded.