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Mauerbach: Minister Darmanović participates in informal Meeting of Foreign Ministers of OSCE Participating States

Mauerbach: Minister Darmanović participates in informal Meeting of Foreign Ministers of OSCE Participating States
Published date 11.07.2017 15:30 | Author PR Service

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Mauerbach, Austria (11 July 2017) -- Minister of Foreign Affairs Srđan Darmanović participated today in the informal Meeting of Foreign Ministers of OSCE Participating States. The meeting was chaired by the Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs of Austria Sebastian Kurz. The topic of the ministerial meeting was “Building trust through dialogue and cooperation,” in the context of resolving the European Security crisis.

This year’s informal high-level meeting aimed to foster dialogue on key security challenges and pave the way for the adoption of important decisions at the regular OSCE Ministerial Council, which will be held in December.

During his presentation, Minister Darmanović said that violations of the basic principles and values of the OSCE, such as the limitlessness of the borders, restraint from the use of force in international relations and respect for the internal and external sovereignty of the states, pose a serious challenge to the European security system. “The crisis in and around Ukraine has, to a large extent, shown harsh consequences just because of not respecting the principles jointly agreed by the participating states,” Minister Darmanović said. He pointed out that the breach of the Rules, based on international principles and values of the OSCE is the main driver of growing mistrust, loss of confidence and intensifying interstate tensions in the OSCE area.

“To this end, we reiterate our strong support and call for the full implementation and a substantial upgrade of the Vienna Document as a key political and military agreement of the OSCE for improvement of multilateral stability, military predictability and mutual trust,” Minister Darmanović highlighted.

Pointing to the other security challenges we face, particularly violent extremism and radicalisation that lead to terrorism, organised crime, the growing migratory pressure, malicious cyber activity and violation of basic human rights and freedoms, Minister Darmanović concluded that the OSCE provides a unique platform for dialogue and tools to address these threats and challenges.

During his stay in Mauerbach, Minister Darmanović also participated in the round table on the topic “Structured dialogue on security,” which is part of the process initiated by the OSCE Chairman Sebastian Kurz, according to the ministerial declaration from Hamburg “From Lisbon to Hamburg: Declaration on the 20th Anniversary of the OSCE Framework for Arms Control.”

Minister Darmanović pointed to the need for a deeper analysis and exchange of views among the participating states on the perception of threats in the OSCE area, including the development of military doctrines and trends in the positioning of military forces in Europe. “Like many others, we share the concern about extensive military exercises, non-transparent military positioning, as well as dangerous military incidents near the international borders,” Minister Darmanović assessed.

The round table was, among other things, an opportunity to present ideas and recommendations for the upcoming Ministerial Council scheduled for December this year, as well as a chance to rebuild confidence among the participating states and address growing, common security threats and challenges.