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Cabinet holds its 34th session

Cabinet holds its 34th session
Published date 12.07.2017 17:00 | Author PR Service

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In order to increase the availability of pharmaceutical drugs and continuous supply of citizens and health institutions founded by the state, the Cabinet, at its 34th session, adopted the Decision supplementing the Decision on the Health Institutions Network. By adopting this Decision, according to the model of public-private partnership, the provider of services that provides for the exercise of the right to issue prescription drugs may also be a pharmacy founded by another legal entity and/or a natural person with whom the Health Insurance Fund concludes the contract, which will ensure more stable supply of drugs and avoid long-term procurement procedures and potential shortcomings. Alongside 53 state pharmacies, the prescription drugs will be available in more than 250 pharmacies, which have the possibility to conclude a contract with the Fund.

The Cabinet adopted the Draft Law on Amendments to the Maritime Safety Law. The most important changes relate to the creation of conditions for achieving full membership in the Paris Memorandum of Understanding.

An analysis of the efficiency of the functioning of the enforcement system (October 2015 - January 2016) has been adopted, which contains an assessment of the efficiency state of the enforcement system of public enforcement officers and courts, enforcement without participation of a court or public enforcement officer, as well as oversight of the legality of the work of public enforcement officers.

The Cabinet adopted Information on activities related to the process of codification of civil law in Montenegro. The discussion estimated that all the necessary conditions for the codification of civil law in the form of the Civil Code of Montenegro were created, for which the constitutional basis is undeniable. Among other things, it was emphasised that codified legal solutions will contribute to increasing legal and social security of all legal entities and harmonise legal solutions with the law of the European Union and accelerate the necessary integration processes, which are an important condition for further prosperity development of Montenegro, its citizens and legal entities. On this occasion, the Cabinet adopted the conclusions defining the next steps in the process of codifying civil law.

Information on activities on realisation of priority projects in the field of tourism has been adopted. The discussion emphasised that most of the projects are implemented with agreed dynamics and in accordance with the Investment programmes. The information contains an overview of the activities regarding realisation of individual projects in accordance with contractual obligations, with the current status and the following stages for their realisation.

The Cabinet adopted the Proposal for amendments to the Forest Management Programme for 2017, creating preconditions for increasing revenues from forestry activities and increased availability of raw materials to domestic woodworkers.