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RESPONSE: Law does not allow placement of monument to Puniša Račić – local government and inspection are competent authorities

Published date 14.07.2017 16:32 | Author PR Service

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Regarding the questions that on 13 and 14 July 2017 several media asked the Government of Montenegro about the media reports on the placement of the memorial plaque to Puniša Račić in Andrijevica, the Ministry of Culture announces:

The aforementioned memorial was not built in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Memorials ("Official Gazette of Montenegro" No. 40 of 27 June 2008, 40/11, 2/17), i.e. in accordance with the Programme for the placement of memorials, which is adopted by the Municipal Assembly of Andrijevica with the prior consent of the Ministry of Culture.
In accordance with Article 10 of the Law, the mentioned person is not allowed to place the memorial.

In accordance with Article 27 of the Law, authorities of the local administration responsible for the cultural affairs and civil engineering are obliged to prevent the illegal placement of memorial by issuing a decision on the prohibition of placement, i.e. the decision on removal of the illegally placed memorial.

The tasks of inspection supervision over the implementation of the Law on Memorials and regulations adopted on the basis of this Law shall be performed by the authority responsible for inspection supervision through inspection for the protection of cultural property and cultural heritage, in accordance with this law and the law regulating inspection supervision.