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PM Marković at opening ceremony of renovated Maestral Hotel: Government is strongly committed to rapid and quality valorization of Montenegro's potentials

PM Marković at opening ceremony of renovated Maestral Hotel: Government is strongly committed to rapid and quality valorization of Montenegro
Published date 14.07.2017 22:17 | Author PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković said tonight that the Government of Montenegro is strongly committed and devoted to the rapid and quality valorization of the potentials of the country, primarily those in tourism, and that it is therefore necessary to strengthen institutions, establish the rule of law and create a favourable business environment.

"At the same time we are determined to provide a friendly investment environment in Montenegro, which should stimulate the growth of the economy, development and new jobs. We want, with investors and their investments, to get what we essentially need: knowledge and ability to better manage our potentials. Montenegro as NATO member state sends a positive signal to the world business community that it is the destination where money should be invested and business launched, confirming that it is a country whose political, legal, economic and democratic capacity is verified at the addresses of the world's most developed countries," PM Marković said at the opening ceremony of the renovated Maestral Hotel in Pržno.

The Prime Minister said that Montenegro has enormous opportunities for the development of high-quality tourism and that it is ranked on the list of renowned world tourism organisations at the top of the forecasted tourist and economic growth for the next period.

PR ServicePR Service

Speaking about Maestral Hotel and its owners, PM Marković said that the Government appreciates the efforts, trust and partnership of the company Monte Rock - the owner of Maestral Hotel - which did not wait for international verification of Montenegro's capabilities, but is present in Montenegro for more than a decade.

"Montenegro is today a prestigious tourist destination, one of the most attractive in the whole Mediterranean, and Maestral Hotel in Europe and beyond has been recognised as one of the symbols of the touristic Montenegro. Tonight we see it in a new light and as a prestigious example of construction on the Montenegrin coast, with undeniable architectural and geographical features, and at the same time as the best confirmation of Montenegro and its investment opportunities," PM Marković said.

The Prime Minister recalled that Monte Rock Group invested EUR 50 million in the purchase and renovation of the Maestral Hotel in the past two years, and that Adriatic Properties, as part of the aforementioned investment group, made investments worth more than EUR 150 million over the past 10 years.

"In this way, our partners have strongly contributed to achieving international standards in the field of hotel management and sustainable development," Prime Minister Marković said, congratulating the owner on the well-managed hotel renovation.

PM Marković invited the present quests from the business world to invest in Montenegro, saying that the goal is to polish this European gem together for the benefit of everyone.
"The Government is ready for this undertaking," the Prime Minister concluded.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held after midnight.