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PM Marković: Congratulations to firefighters, I bow down to their efforts

PM Marković: Congratulations to firefighters, I bow down to their efforts
Published date 18.07.2017 18:01 | Author PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković assessed that Montenegrin firefighters and all those who worked on the extinguishing of numerous fires that broke out in the Central and Coastal region of Montenegro have done an excellent job and congratulated them.

Never in Montenegro at such a difficult time have I seen such a commitment of people working both in rescue services and in fire services, among members of the Military and the Police. At such temperatures, with this fire, on a specific area that was inaccessible people were constantly on their feet for 24 hours, rescuing property and facilities of citizens and the state. I want to take this opportunity to thank them and say that the Government and the state will do everything not only to respect their commitment and this result, but to create preconditions for better work conditions and better living standard, as well as to be more respected by the state. So, I congratulate them, Prime Minister Marković said at the end of his working visit to Berane.

The Prime Minister said he believed that part of the fire was arson.

On this occasion, I asked the President of the Bureau for the Coordination of Security Services to schedule the session this night. I will attend this session; we will analyse and consider some other aspects that contribute to this situation. We believe that there are irresponsible citizens; we believe in possible arson. We cannot efficiently deal with this, but we will ask tonight for all the resources of the state, the police, the services and even the citizens to find those who harm the country. So, I do not believe that this is only the result of heat and neglect, but also destruction. And we will respond to this destruction. Well done to these people, the first item on the agenda of the Cabinet session on Thursday will be dedicated to them and their efforts, PM Marković said.

He added that this situation showed who deserves respect in Montenegro and who needs resources, noting that the state will find ways to provide all necessary equipment.

Prime Minister Marković assessed that all responsible fire services reacted in a timely manner.

The state has done everything it could with the resources it has, and these people have exceeded their human and professional capabilities. I want to not only thank them but to bow down to their efforts, PM Marković concluded.

The Prime Minister confirmed that the firefighting help was requested and that the aid is expected to arrive soon, but added that Montenegro should be the first to face the fires.

The Prime Minister said that when escalated a fire in Luštica last night, Montenegro addressed the NATO Headquarters and the Emergency Situations Directorate of the European Union, but that the Union was told to delay the help because strong fires have been extinguished in the meantime. He added that perhaps for this occasion the help was not necessary, but it is better to have a Canadair in reserve.

To remove Puniša Račić's pedestal

Responding to a journalists' question to comment on today's removing of the plaque from the monument raised to Puniša Račić, the Prime Minister said that the removal of the plaque was not enough, but that the pedestal had to be removed.

The state has an attitude about it. It is illegal and unacceptable. Our law does not allow us to raise a monument to people who have such biography and contribute to endangering the state and its interests. That's why I asked to solve this immediately – PM Marković said.

High School for Nurses stays in Berane

When asked by journalists to comment on the different views of the Government and the municipality of Berane on the one hand and the University of Montenegro, on the other, regarding the headquarters of the High School for Nurses, the Prime Minister said that the Government made a decision in accordance with its powers and interests and that the decisions of the Government must be implemented, and not arbitrated.

PM Marković, at the request of the journalists to comment on tomorrow's start of the trial for the coup attempt, said that the state will resist and prevent any attempt of endangerment.

Road route Berane - Lubnice - Kolašin will be finished in two years

Asked by the journalists whether the Government had enough money to build the road route Berane - Kolašin, the Prime Minister replied that the Government had funds and that otherwise it would not start investment, adding that this project is important not only for the development of Berane, but for the development of the North.