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PM Marković meets leaders of Šavnik municipality: We work together on evaluation of potentials and job creation

PM Marković meets leaders of Šavnik municipality: We work together on evaluation of potentials and job creation
Published date 20.07.2017 12:38 | Author PR Service

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PR ServicePodgorica, Montenegro (20 July 2017) -- Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković met today with the Mayor of Šavnik Mijomir Vujačić, President of the Municipal Parliament Nadežda Kotlica and Vice Mayor of Šavnik Vlatko Vuković, on the occasion of the forthcoming Day of the Municipality of Šavnik. The meeting concluded that this Municipality has consolidated its finances and is devotedly working on numerous projects that should improve the quality of life of citizens and provide new jobs.

Congratulating the municipal leadership and citizens, Prime Minister Marković emphasised that it is important to work daily on the valorisation of serious potentials in the north of the country, primarily in the fields of agriculture, food production and energy. The Prime Minister stressed that it is necessary, through the improvement of the overall infrastructure, to create the preconditions for the development of business and economy and thus provide changes and benefits for a better life of the inhabitants of this region.

Mayor Vujačić pointed out that the local authorities implemented numerous activities in the previous period and that they are concentrated now primarily on the projects of environmental protection, exploitation of water potentials and timber assortments from which they expect benefits through both the collection of concessions and new employment. He positively assessed the construction of windmills, of which there are eight in this municipality.

The Mayor of Šavnik also informed the Prime Minister about the activities on the creation of business zone in Boan, which should represent an incentive for further investment on the municipality. He emphasised the importance of the reconstruction of urban roads, continuation of works on the project of construction of sewage network and remedation of existing landfill. Mayor Vujačić said that the goal of local management is to establish a protected natural area of “Dragišnica-Komarnica” nature park, and mentioned the need to build sports infrastructure in this municipality.

Prime Minister Marković said that the Government and relevant ministries will support this municipality in all projects which are of interest to citizens of Šavnik and their prosperity.