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Mike Pence: Montenegro takes leading role in advancing stability and security of Western Balkans

Published date 01.08.2017 22:10 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (1 August 2017) -- US Vice President Mike Pence said earlier this evening in Podgorica that Montenegro is playing the leading role in advancing stability and security of the Western Balkan region and that the country's courage in the phase of Russian pressure inspires the world.

“Thank you for the warm welcome my wife and I received on arriving in Montenegro. I am deeply honoured to be in your great country and to celebrate the long-standing relationship between the people of Montenegro and the people of the United States. And it is my particular honour to be the first Vice President of the United States that has ever visited Montenegro,” noted Vice President Pence at a gala dinner while proposing a toast to the President, Speaker of the Parliament and Prime Minister of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, Ivan Brajović and Duško Marković.

At the dinner hosted by Prime Minister Duško Marković in his honour, the US Vice President said that he brought greetings from President Donald Trump.

"He sent me here as a tangible sign of our commitment to Montenegro as the newest member of NATO," said Vice President Pence.

“I had a privilege of being with the Prime Minister during his visit to the White House on the very day of Montenegro’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. I offered my congratulations to him then, and President and I offer you our congratulations again now. I am here to offer you our congratulations on your accession to NATO, but also our appreciation for the strong alliance that dates far behind your participation in the world’s most successful defence organisation. America is honoured to celebrate its relationship with the strong and free people of Montenegro. Let me assure you that I am here to testify to the fact that America has no small allies, only strong allies,” the US Vice President stressed.

At the end of his toast the US Vice President highlighted Montenegro’s role in the Western Balkan region.

“Let me thank you for hosting tomorrow's Adriatic Charter Summit. Your courage, particularly in the phase of Russian pressure, inspires the world and I commend you for it. May our alliance prosper, may our friendship deepen, and may the people of Montenegro and America become even closer in independence and freedom. Cheers to the future!” Vice President of the United States Mike Pence concluded.