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PM Marković at Adriatic Charter Summit: There is no free and peaceful Europe without stable Balkans - it is in everyone's interest

Published date 02.08.2017 14:12 | Author PR Service

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Address by Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković at the open session of the A5 Summit can be downloaded here.

Prime Minister Duško Marković said today opening the Summit of the Adriatic Charter in Podgorica that there is no free and peaceful Europe without a stable Balkans and that this is the interest of both Europe and the US and the region as well.

"There is no free and peaceful Europe without a stable Balkans. It is the interest of everyone, both Europe and the United States, and us in this region. Security, economy and democracy are inextricably intertwined processes. We just need to be the bearers of these processes, and not to wait for others to do it for us. Only in this way we will take full responsibility for ourselves and future generations. We want to look to the future from this place. To continue, even more actively, to work together to solve problems, to face the challenges and improve the quality of life of all our citizens. That is why we are all here today and I am convinced that we will make the best use of today's gathering, and Montenegro and this forum are the right place for it," PM Marković said.

The Prime Minister thanked US Vice President Mike Pence and the leaders of the Western Balkan countries for attending the summit.

"We are honoured that the highest officials of the region, member states and observers of the US-Adriatic Charter are here with us. This is a big and important day for my country. We are proud to be host of the prestigious event – the first meeting of the Charter at the highest level in Montenegro. … We are very honoured that the Vice President of the United States, Mr Michael Pence, is here with us. Mr Vice President, you are the highest US official visiting Montenegro in the history of our diplomatic relations, which is a confirmation of the lasting friendship and cooperation between our two countries. This was also best demonstrated by your country's determined support for achieving Montenegro's strategic goal of joining NATO, and once again we thank you. This is also your first visit to the region. Let me note that your visit has a wider significance – your visit to Europe is evidence of the solidity and sustainability of the transatlantic link as well as the Euro-Atlantic perspective of the Western Balkans. The engagement and constructive role that the United States plays in our region are extremely important. You have continually pointed this out by initiating and actively engaging in the Adriatic Charter, which, after 14 years of existence, now has three NATO members," Prime Minister Marković noted.

PM Marković assessed that this summit is a platform to gather and exchange views.

"I thank the Macedonian Chairmanship for the work and the efforts so far, and I look forward to the fact that in 2018 Montenegro will take over the presidency on the basis of these results," the Prime Minister stated.