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Vijesti daily’s claims about alleged negotiations on taking over Tivat airport is mere fabrication

Published date 07.08.2017 13:02 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (8 August 217) – Claims by Vijesti daily published on Monday, 7 August 7 2017, in an article entitled "GOVERNMENT IS NEGOTIATING WITH OWNERS OF PORTO MONTENEGRO - Sheiks want Tivat Airport), but NOT FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF MASS TOURISM?" implying that negotiations about taking over the Tivat Airport are underway are untrue and groundless.

Claiming about conducting negotiations on the taking over of the Tivat Airport with anyone, even with the owner of the Porto Montenegro, is a mere fabrication.

These claims are obviously aimed at compromising the Government in its intention to make the best use of the Montenegrin airports, thus ensuring better accessibility of Montenegro in order to boost tourism industry and growth of the Montenegrin economy.

No negotiations are in progress. What is happening is that the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs is considering the option of full valorisation of airport potentials with credible international financial institutions.

It is an absolute speculation without any foundation to claim that the development of the airport in Tivat is planned only for the availability of elite tourists. On the contrary, the airport in Tivat, as well as the one in Podgorica, will develop in such a way that Montenegro is made available in the same way for all who want to visit it and for our citizens and our economy. This was told to the author during the visit of the Prime Minister of Montenegro to Porto Montenegro. There, the claims that the Government did not answer the author's question is also untrue. It has been said that the claim has no basis, which is also confirmed by the content of the article, since it does not reveal any facts that would support the claims from the title and speculation of the author.

The only thing that is certain is that the Government will not allow inadequate airport facilities to be a restriction for travelers, tourists and the economy - which we had the opportunity to see in the past days. Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs and the Government have informed the public about this matter on several occasions.

In that regard, both the Prime Minister and the line minister have informed the public on several occasions about the intentions and plans of the Government, as well as the fact that some renowned companies are interested in the valorisation of our airports. Both the Government of Montenegro and the Ministry of Transport Maritime Affairs will, in keeping with these good practices, continue to act responsibly and transparently and will inform the domestic and foreign public about concrete aspects of development and investment plans for the airports in Podgorica and Tivat.