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                               Ask the Government

Montenegro's Cabinet Session

Published date 24.08.2017 19:25 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (24 August 2017) -- The Government of Montenegro held today the 37th session, chaired by Prime Minister Duško Marković.

Proposal of the Law on Amendments to the Law on the Revision of Funds from the European Union Funds was adopted at today's session. With this Proposal, the provisions on earnings of certified auditors are aligned with the provisions of the Law on Salaries of Public Sector Employees.

The Cabinet determined the Draft Detailed Urban Plan „Agroindustrial Zone“ in Podgorica with the Programme for Holding a Public Discussion by which this Zone covers a total area of 43,39 ha.

Decision to give consent to the Decision on the Establishment of the „Free Zone New Tobacco Plant“ Podgorica was also adopted at today's session. The Decision defines the method of managing the Zone and the mutual rights and obligations of the operator and future users of the Zone foreseen in the area of Ćemovsko polje in the scope of the „Agroindustrial Zone“ plan, totaling 30.229 m2.

Proposing the Decision to the Government, the Ministry of Economy estimated that the formation of the Zone could contribute to the goals of economic development taking into account the priorities defined by the Government of Montenegro, such as improving the investment environment, creating new jobs and strenghtening the competitiveness of the domestic economy.

The Government adopted the Report on the implementation of the Capital Budget of the Directorate for Transport for 2017, on 10.08.2017. When presenting the Report, it was stated that the Capital Budget for the Directorate for Transport for 2017 envisaged EUR29,500,000, out of which EUR27,800,000 were provided from the general budget revenues, while EUR1,700,000 was recorded from EIB and EBRD loans. So far, 60.15% of the approved funds have been settled, i.e. EUR16,722,036. In addition, it was noted that the funds for the reconstruction of the main and regional roads will be lacking in the amount of EUR10,859,008.38, which are necessary for the completion of works for the projects under implementation, as well as for the projects for which the tender procedure is in progress and which will be completed in the period of September-October 2017.

The Government adopted the Decree on the Collection of Tax Receivables by Taxpayer Property that allows for the debt due to taxes, fees, contributions and other monetary benefits to be paid by the taxpayer's property.  

In accordance with the amendments to the Law on Minority Rights and Freedoms, the Government adopted the Decision on the Organisation of a Public Institution Centre for the Preservation and Development of Minority Culture.

The Government adopted the Decision on Establishment of Inter-Ministerial Commission for NATO. In relation to the former commission, the tasks of the new inter-ministerial commission will be focused on the coordination of obligations arising from membership, as well as monitoring their implementation, monitoring implementation of assumed obligations and proposed measures in accordance with requirements arising from membership and harmonisation of the regulations of Montenegro with the legal acts of NATO.

Information on the Financial Support of the Ministry of Sports for the Organisation of Major International Sports Competitions in 2017 in Montenegro was adopted at today's session, as well.

At the end of the session, the Minister of Education submitted to the Government the Verbal Information about the current situation regarding curricula in Montenegro. Within the discussion, it was estimated that a comprehensive reform of the education system, which involves changing several laws and implementing the solutions, can not be in any way called into question by any procedural failures of individuals. The Government supported the announcement by the Ministry of Education to ask the Education Bureau for full information on the case of a part of the text of the Montenegrin and Croatian curriculum and to inform the Government about it at the next session.