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PM Marković visits construction site of Bar – Boljare motorway: I'm impressed, what I asked for has been done

PM Marković visits construction site of Bar – Boljare motorway: I
Published date 29.08.2017 13:00 | Author PR Service

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Služba za odnose s javnošću Služba za odnose s javnošću
During his visit to the Bar – Boljare construction site, Prime Minister Duško Marković voiced satisfaction over the progress that has been achieved so far, adding that everything he asked for during his previous visit in March this year has been done. “I’m impressed by what I see at the construction site,” PM Marković highlighted.

“I’m really impressed. I believe that we share the same impressions. Everything I asked for has been implemented – the financial plan for this project will be completely implemented this year,” PM Marković told the press after the visit to the location site of the Bridge “Moračica”.

PM Marković said that 17 building permits have been issued so far, comparing to 9 building permits which have been issued during his last visit to the construction site. The construction works have been carried out at the route of 40km, PM Marković explained, adding that the last summer’s route was 24km long. 

This is the joint result of all of those engaged in this project, PM Marković stressed, adding that he shares satisfaction and impressions with everyone when it comes to the progress made so far.

“Congratulations to the CRBC company, General Manager of the CRBC Hei Shiqiang and his team, but also to the Government’s team, ministries, company Monteput, the Audit Commission and the Supervisory Commission. This is the joint result of all of us and we should be proud of it. I share with all of you my impressions and satisfaction. The Government will continue cherishing this partnership in order to make this project completed within the deadlines prescribed by the contract,” PM Marković stressed during the visit to the route Smokavac – Uvač – Mateševo of the Bar – Boljare motorway.

Answering the journalists’ questions related to the company Airports of Montenegro, PM Marković said that valorisation of this company is in line with the Government’s policies aimed at boosting development. 

“We cannot talk about new jobs, employment and foreign investments without having an infrastructure that can meet our real needs and requirements. The motorway is one of the projects aimed at preparing Montenegro for development plans and the needs of the country and its’ citizens. Those are the plans related to the railway and the airports. There is no doubt that the railway and the airports should be valorised in order to improve Montenegro’s infrastructure potentials,” PM Marković highlighted.

PM Marković also said that this topic is a subject to various manipulations for the political purposes. “Nobody said that the Airports will be privatised and sold to foreigners, but the company will be valorised,” PM Marković pointed out after the visit to the Bar – Boljare construction site.