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PM Marković at Port of Adria: Successful business of your company denies all doubts and disapproval

PM Marković at Port of Adria: Successful business of your company denies all doubts and disapproval
Published date 06.09.2017 15:15 | Author PR Service

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Bar, Montenegro (6 September 2017) – Prime Minister Duško Marković visited earlier today the Port of Adria, where he highlighted that the successful business of this company denies all doubts and disapproval regarding the privatisation of this part of the Port of Bar.

“I’m aware of everything you’ve gone through by those who have challenged this privatisation. Your successful business is the best answer on all doubts and disapprovals,” PM Marković stressed at the meeting with the leadership of the company Global Ports Holding headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Port of Adria, a major owner of the Port of Adria Mehmet Kutman, who is also the Vice Chairman of the Port of Adria’s Board of Directors.

PM Marković said that it is a privilege to have a company like Port of Adria in Montenegro, not only because of its successful business, but also because of sharing the know-how and the ability to manage the resources in our country. 

The leadership of the Port of Adria informed PM Marković about details of doing business, emphasising the fact that EUR 6,5 million of severance pay was paid to former workers within the privatisation process, namely EUR 24 000 per employee. They also explained that the company started with EUR 419 of average salary and that by the time it has increased to EUR 605, adding that so far they have completed 11 out of 12 investments within the plan of privatisation, which brought a profit to Montenegro amounting EUR 11,5 million. The leadership particularly emphasised the fact that 15 young men and women from Montenegro were recruited so far, adding that they represent the major part of the Port of Adria’s leadership along with the three employees from Turkey. 

President of the Global Ports Holding’s Board of Directors thanked PM Marković for his personal engagement in dealing with the recent challenges. 

Global Ports Holding is the world's largest cruise port operator. It has a diversified portfolio of cruise and commercial ports, namely 14 ports in 8 countries including ports in Barcelona, Venice, Valletta, Lisbon, Dubrovnik and many others, as well as a cruising terminal in Singapore. Global Ports Holding provides services for 7.8 million passengers reaching a market share of 25% in the Mediterranean annually. In the commercial ports in Turkey in Montenegro, the company has transhipped 4,5 million of cargo in total. Global Ports Holding is majority owned by the Global Investment Holdings, listed on the London Stock Exchange since May 2017. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is also one of its shareholders since 2015. 

The Global Ports Holding is also engaged in the energy and hotel industry. In that regard, the company is interested in boosting business in Montenegro by investing particularly in these few areas: tourism, energy and hotel industry. 

PM Marković and Chairman of the Global Ports Holding’s Board of Directors Mehmet Kutman attended the ceremony of putting into operation the modern container crane brand Liebherr tip P137 WS L Super. The event was also attended by the Ambassador of Turkey to Montenegro Serhat Galip and Montenegrin Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Osman Nurković.

PM Marković took the opportunity to emphasise the need for improving the business environment in Montenegro, both for domestic and foreign investors. That would be a formula for the success of Montenegro, PM Marković pointed out.