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PM Marković participates in Miločer Development Forum: Economic growth above 4% in first quarter of 2017

PM Marković participates in Miločer Development Forum: Economic growth above 4% in first quarter of 2017
Published date 13.09.2017 19:30 | Author PR Service

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Cetinje, Montenegro (13 September 2017) – Prime Minister Duško Marković took part in the Miločer Development Forum, where he stressed that the economy growth is above 4%, as one of the best results in Europe and region as well.

„We're still waiting for the official statistical data and I have to be responsible – results of the semi-annual economy growth must be published by Montenegro's Statistical Office according to their methodology and standards – but I expect the economy growth of more than 4% for the first six months of 2017. I have more favourable figures in my head, but I don't want to announce them. That would be the greatest economic growth in the region, but also among the best results in the European Union as well,“ PM emphasised during the Forum. 

PM Marković noted that Montenegro’s membership in NATO creates wide-range of opportunities for the country in terms of attracting investments and making progress. 

“Every day I meet with people from the politics and business, namely people who are recognised at the global stage regardless of the political or business background. Not only because they are interested in Montenegro and have the need to create new values and contribute to the country’s development, but also because they are informing me that people in their countries read a lot about Montenegro and have more information than when they visit the country,” PM Marković underlined, voicing his satisfaction about the fact that Montenegro is well known as a country which has built political and security system that meets the standards of the modern world and offers investment opportunities. 

PM Marković also voiced satisfaction about the implementation of the fiscal consolidation plan which has been adopted at the beginning of the Government’s mandate. 

“As a result, we have collected more than EUR 1 billion when it comes to collecting the revenues, which is more than 2,8% comparing to the same period in 2016, and in nominal terms it is more than EUR 7,5 million comparing to the plan for this year. The plan projected for this year is 6% higher than the plan for budgetary revenues for 2016”, PM Marković explained, adding that the Government at the same time maintained the favourable business environment. 

The Government is particularly focused on the investments and it has opened the door for the business community and foreign investors in order to attract more investments, PM Marković highlighted, adding that this approach significantly boosted investments in already launched projects and attracted new ones in various areas such as: tourism, energy, agriculture, infrastructure and banking and financial sector.

“It is correct and indisputable that Montenegro has tremendous potentials in a small area, not only when it comes to the natural resources and resources in key aspects which are providing opportunities for further development, but also the potential in the human resources. So far people didn’t use all of those opportunities that have been given to us., PM Marković stressed. Therefore, politicians, citizens and the administration have to change the attitude towards our potentials and resources, PM Marković added.

“It is not enough to say that we have all of this and that we are unique in the region and worldwide, that our sea is the most beautiful, that our coast is the most appealing, that we have very beautiful north, the cleanest rivers with the drinking water. On the contrary, all of us should make efforts to use them in order to have a good quality of life and avoid being at the average level of 40% of today’s Europe,” PM Marković pointed out. 

Speaking of the “Belt and Road” initiative, PM Marković said that Montenegro will participate in this which offers enormous opportunities and contributes to increasing the level of security in all the relating countries.